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Emani POV.

I looked at myself in the mirror and grinned. I wasn't self-conscious about myself and I definitely didn't have low self esteem. I thought I was fine as fuck and thick as hell.

People in high school thought they could talk down on me like I was less of a person than them, but I made sure to tell anybody who stepped to me differently.

I tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear and walked out the bathroom and into my room slipping on some heels and grabbing my purse.

Walking downstairs I grabbed my keys and hurried out the door when I heard my moms door start opening. After about a  fifteen minute drive I made it to this a huge building. This was the busiest part of manhattan. It was people everywhere. I finally found a park about 2 blocks away.

Once I finally made it inside. I walked up to the front desk where a short brown hair lady was typing away on the computer.

"Um hi. I have an interview for Manson Enterprises I wanted to know where I had to go."

"Oh okay let me check." She said and continued to type on the computer. "Name please?"

"Emani Jones."

"Okay one sec."

After about a couple seconds of waiting I guess she finally found my interview info because she started writing down something on a sheet of paper.

"Okay take the elevator up to the 15th floor and go to the room number and ask the receptionist for Mr.Manson he is definitely expecting you."

"Thanks so much hun." I said grabbing the sheet of paper and headed toward the elevator.

I clicked the 15 on the buttons and patiently waited for it to go through all of the floors.


I stepped out and the office was right in front of the elevator. I walked in and headed towards the desk.

"Hi I have a interview with Mr.Manson. Im Emoni Jones."

"Oh yes. Mr.Manson should be back in five mintues."

"Okay. Umm where is the bathroom."

Jason Manson POV

I walked out the meeting and was heading back towards my office. I absolutely hated being the boss sometimes. Meeting after meeting about pointless thing. Arrogant people who only cared for money. Sometimes I think this place changed me a little.

I was looking down at my phone when I felt there body collide with mine. She didn't fall but I got to catch a glimpse of her appearances she was around 5ft, dark black hair, and huge hips. She was actually gorgeous, but when I was pissed anything came out my mouth.

And before I could even control what I was saying the words just spilled out my mouth.

"You disgusting human being! watch where the hell you're going." I spat unconsciously.

She looked at me with confusion and hurt in her eyes. You could see them turn glassy. SHE WAS GOING TO CRY.


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(Mr. Jason Manson)

Emani POV

I looked at this gorgeous man in shock. Why would he speak to me like it was just an accident. I quickly rushed past him to the bathroom with out even muttering a word.

Quickly doing my business and washing my hands I rushed out the bathroom and back in to the office before I was terribly late.

"Okay Ms.Jones you may go in now."

I walked into the door behind her and there sat Mr.Manson. The man who just verbally assaulted me.

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