viii. brunette cutie

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"That is all I've got for you guys tonight. Enjoy the rest of your day and remember that your papers are due on Friday. I want them on my desk nine am sharp. You want to turn it in early, that's fine. Just slip it under my office door," Tina's astronomy 301 professor informed the class for the millionth time.

Tina rolled her neck back and yawned, stretching out her back as she pushed herself up. She gathered her books up in her arms and waited for her other classmates to shimmy out of the aisle and make room for her to get out and make way to her lunch plans with the group of friends she had spent her entire university experience with.

The brunette held her head down, her eyes running over the notes in her notebook laying over the textbooks in her arms. She stepped out of the auditorium classroom, pulling her cell phone out of her front pocket when she felt it buzzing against her hip. She yanked it out and instantly answered it when she saw Louis' name on the screen.

"Hey," she hummed and moved her eyes back down to the notebook as she yanked open the door, holding it with her foot and stepping out of the classroom when she collided with another warm body. "Ow," she frowned as her books tumbled to the ground in front of her. She looked up to catch a glimpse of a brunette in a shirt wore in the eighties with a denim jacket over top.

He, however seemed to have no interest in that fact he had just plodded into the small brunette, not even looking up to greet her eyes as he continued on his way. Tina had knelt down to pick her books up but when she took notice of his ignorance, she couldn't help but yell in his direction.

"Hey, are you not going to say sorry," she yelped after him. He made no gesture to even acknowledge her yell after him and her annoyance grew over him. "Asshole!" She yelled, not caring that others were paying attention to her or staring at her for her crude words.

"Tina? You there?" Louis' voice echoed in the speaker of her phone.

"Yeah, hi," she frowned, pinching her phone between her cheek and her shoulder as she knelt back down to grab her books from the floor.

"Everything alright?" He asked.

"Yup, some asshole just ran into me and made me drop all my books. He didn't even apologize," she rolled her eyes. "Anyways, what's up?"

"I was just calling to see if you needed a ride to lunch. I'm around your building so I can come get you if you're up to it," Louis asked her and Tina stepped out of the building and into the campus grounds. She wandered over to the news post, the tip of her finger brushing over the flyers for campus events and group inquires.

"I was actually just going to walk there," she told him. "I've got to drop my books at my locker but you could join me in my walk, if you'd like? I could use the company."

"Sure, I'll find you at your locker?" He asked.

"I'll see you there," she agreed and then hung up her phone, tucking it back into her jeans as she walked a few more minutes to reach the building with the majority of her classes inside. She stumbled up to the second floor and opened up the lock, yanking it open and then tucked her novels on the top shelf.

"Hey," Louis pinched her waist causing her to let out a small scream, quickly turning into laughter. He nudged her side as he leaned into the locker next to hers. "Ready to go for lunch?"

"I am always ready for food," she nodded. "How was your morning classes? Good?"

"They were decent," he assured her. "How's was your astronomy class?"

"Boring as usual," she laughed. "I'm kidding. I really enjoy that class actually. I, however, am not looking forward to that ridiculous paper I have to get done for Friday. It shouldn't be that bad, I mean."

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