Chapter 6~The Reveal

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Sarah's POV
Toni get back I don't want you hurt. I started walking towards the fire place while I pushed him on his bed, it's better than getting hurt that way then by that thing right? It looked like a bat when it came in but now I see a guy my age looking like a ghost in there. "What kind are you from? I need your help" as he said (with a adorable British accent I had to wait a few seconds to calm myself) " I'm sorry but we don't know what your talking about, who you are or how you came in here" he looked he was about to attack me after I said that.. Then fangs showed up, ready to bite "you aren't my kind... Your full of blood!" Toni was scared of his life and he ran by the door but this vampire human thing climbed on his door.. Then he ran into my arms, about to cry.. He never cries. Then the thing fell down, I walked over slowly to see if it was fully dead or not. "How can we help you exactly?"as I asked it "Wait.. Sarah look at him closely" said Toni behind me "hey.. You look like a person from our nightmares we've been having since we've moved in here last week..". "I must leave" as he said weakly "you can't even walk" "why walk when you can fly?" He pushed Toni and I then jumped out the window then fell.. "Sarah we need to help him" said Toni "ugh fine, your lucky mom and dad aren't home. They are out til 12:30 tonight for dad's stupid work party". We quickly went down to the yard to see if he was there. He slowly got up then this truck passed by and he said something under his breath that sounded like the word 'rock'. "do you know where I can get a cow?" As he said weakly and out of breath "we have milk" said Toni " no not milk, a cow. hurry" he then collapsed "Sarah you need to drive us" said Toni strictly "Toni the driving here is different and my temps aren't even until next month, I'm not breaking the law, get your wagon, we'll walk to the nearest farm". He did as I said while I try to pick this de formed thing up, he looked my age at least. I put him in the wagon while Toni pulled him at 11pm.. This night is mind playing.

Toni's POV
I tried to look in the fire place to see what it was but Sarah pulled me back, I don't understand why though. Maybe she didn't want me to get scared or something. I look over her shoulder to see what it was, it was a boy that looked like her age. Then she made him mad by being her own self which is telling the ugly truth then I saw fangs.. I was about to cry of how scared I am right now.. Thank you Sarah for your difficult statements. I don't want to die so I ran to the door but he climbed on the door. I was shaking in fright then I ran to Sarah because she could hopefully make up with him. He pushed us over and went out my window trying to fly but fell after a second. Sarah agreed with me that we should help him since he asked for it if we're vampires or not. He needed a cow which didn't make sense and Sarah can't drive for another month so she made me get my red wagon to carry him in to the nearest farm then she made me pull the wagon. No one would believe this at school if I told them I was up til 12am doing this.

Rudolph's POV
I shifted to my human form feeling like I'm melting and my lungs are getting smaller. I asked them for their help but they told me they weren't vampires.. I felt so beytrayed and stupid for thinking they were. I was feeling very desperate for their blood but I was just angry to myself and I can't do that for what I want most. The boy ran to the door but I didn't want him leaving but I couldn't hold myself up on the door so I collapsed. They asked if I needed help but I wouldn't trust any mortals that would trick me into this so I tried to fly but I was too weak. I fell in their yard feeling my bones crashed. I saw the bright truck lights and said "ugh rookery" as I covered my eyes. They came down and got a wagon for me to look for a cow for me. Maybe these mortals aren't like the rest of them..

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