8. Family Secrets

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"Tim Rothe?"

"3, 2, 1."

"Jay?" I shook my head in confusion. "Tim Rothe? Amanda Williams?"

"Bingo." That one word confirmed my thoughts.

"You can't be serious?" I stuttered. "You want me to go to Amanda Williams' wedding? Amanda Williams the movie star?" He

shrugged nervously as I tried to control my shaking body. 

"Are you crazy?"  I shouted, regretting it instantly when his face fell.  "Shit, Jay I'm sorry."  I said quietly, sinking my face into my hands.  "Shit, I just need a minute."  I heard him walk away and return a few minutes later.

"Here babe."  Looking up, I took the offered glass of wine. 

"Thanks."  The cool liquid slid down my throat easily and within minutes he was refilling it. "I'm sorry for reacting like that." I said quietly.

He smiled. "At least it was an honest reaction Mia." I must have looked confused because he continued. "I never know if people are with me because of who my sister is. But, I think I'm pretty safe in thinking that you had no idea. Even Amanda couldn't have pulled that off." He said with a smirk and I laughed.

"Yeah well, you kinda caught me off guard with that revelation."

"Are you okay?"  He asked and I smiled. 

"The wine's helping."  I took another sip.  "So, obviously there's things I've heard about Amanda, but what's Megan like?  What does she do?" 

If I read him correctly, he looked pleased that I asked about Megan over Amanda. 

"She's great, down to earth, married with 2 kids.  Twins actually, Poppy and Milly." 

"How old are they?" 

"They just turned 4 a few weeks ago.  Megan is a graphic designer so she's a bit quirky and has a great sense of humour.  I think that's what attracted Rob to her, she's just fun to be around." 

"And your parents?"  He thought before responding.

"I love my parents Mia, but mum is, how do I put this?"  He stopped for a moment.  "Let's just say she rules the roost.  When Amanda started to make a name for herself mum jumped on the band wagon and kinda reinvented herself.  She went from an everyday mum to one that suddenly thought she was above everyone else, including my dad.  He lets her walk all over him."  He finished as he shook his head.

"And then there's Amanda.  She's a bitch, a total bitch but I love her. 
Her career has gone to her head, mixing with all those famous people, but deep down she's still in there.  I've only met Tim a few times but he seems a lot more grounded so hopefully he'll keep her under control."

"Do your parents live here or London?" 

"They spend their time between both.  They don't like to go too long without seeing the girls.  But they're over there now helping with the wedding arrangements." 

"Can you give me any details about the wedding?"  I asked anxiously. 

"Only that it'll be bigger than Ben Hur."  We both laughed at his reference.  "I really don't know much, you know celebrity wedding and all that..."  He shrugged.  "The one thing I do know is that I won't leave your side." 

I think I visibly relaxed when he said that. "You still want to take me? Even after...."

"Of course I do."

"Join me for a swim?" He asked as he reached out for my hand.


He jumped in and I had no option but to jump in with him, laughing as I surfaced. 

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