Madly In Love (Laf X Reader)

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TW: Cutting, Blood, Depression and Cursing

(Y/N) couldn't take it anymore. Work was too stressful. "Write a paper in a day (Y/N). Clean the coffee machine (Y/N)." She walked around her apartment mimicking her boss. She reached the table to see bills on the counter.

"Well, just" She stomped her foot, "FUCK YOU!" (Y/N) shoved the bills off the table and put her bag down. She walked over to her fridge to see what was inside. "Great. Leftover Chinese food" She took out the rice and walked into her living room to eat. While putting on the T.V her "Boyfriend" walked in.

"Oh you're home already, great. Now I don't have any fucking privacy right?" He put his coat on the hanger and walked into the kitchen. (Y/N) huffed and rolled her eyes. Charles was a dick. "Hey! Where's my beer?" He peeked his head outside the door. Shrugging at the question (Y/N) went back to watching T.V. "Listen bitch, when I talk to you, You FUCKING answer!" He walked over to her and knocked the container out of her hand.

(Y/N) panicked. "He's never acted like this?!? What got into him?" He picked her up by her collar and examined her face. "Yea, I know why I'm dating you. You're fucking hot." (Y/N) was about to retort with something when he smashed his lips against hers. Forcefully. She moved away. "What the fuck Charles?" He glared at her. "You're my girlfriend. I want to be pleasured. So you're going to do it. NOW." Charles grabbed her waist. "N-No! I don't want to, you ca-" (Y/N) felt a hot burning sensation in her cheek.

Charles punched her.

"Clean yourself up, I'm going to the bar, when I get back you better be in bed ready for me!" He slammed the door shut and left (Y/N) on the floor crying. "I can't keep living like this" She walked to her bathroom. "Where are they, where are they?" (Y/N) scavenged through the cabinets looking for her cutting blades.

She finally found them in the top cabinet. "Stop. Don't do this. You said you wouldn't." Her conscious tried to persuade her against it, but didn't work. She took them down just as her phone rang. It was Gilbert, or Lafayette, as most people knew him by. "No, No not right now." She shook her head and didn't pick up the call and continued with her actions. Lafayette on the other hand began to wonder.

"She always picks up her phone." He looked around at his friends. The 'Hamilsquad' as they were known as, were all at his house watching a movie. He texted her again and waited 10 minutes.

No answer.

He started to worry. "Guys, I'm going to walk to (Y/N)'s house to see if she wants to watch the movie with us." They all nodded their heads as he walked out.

Laf made it to (Y/N) house 10 minutes later. He knocked on the door. No response. Knocked again. Still none. "Oh god what did Charles do?" Lafayette was the only one of her friends to know about her and Charles. Although (Y/N)'s boyfriend never hurt her, Laf was always suspicious. He finally reached above the door and got the spare key.

He barged into the house. "(Y/N)?! WHERE ARE YOU?!" Lafayette ran to every room in the house. However when he got into the bathroom, his eyes widened. There was (Y/N), the one thing that made him smile every day, on the floor. Crimson liquid surrounding her fragile body. Razors on the floor next to her.

Lafayette scrambled to the floor next to her, not caring if he gets blood on his pants. He lifted her shoulders. "Oh no, oh no, (Y/N) please wake up. Please! je t'aime tellement..." Lafayette started rambling in his native tongue while he grabbed his phone and dialled 911.

"Hello?!?...Hi, Um I have a girl who is dying of blood loss at 14 Riverdale Drive, Apartment 7 First Floor! Please! JE NE PEUX PAS PERDRE SA!" Lafayette started screaming french through the phone. The lady on the other way said that an ambulance was on its way.


(Y/N) opened her eyes to a hazy linoleum ceiling. She tried to sit up to see where she was but was pushed back down by two strong hands. "Non, You are too weak. Just lay down." (Y/N) knew that french accent anywhere. "Laf, why are yo-" Realization hit her and she started crying. "Oh Laf! I'm so sorry you had to see that! I don't know what I was doing!" He rushed to her side and rubbed her back. "Non, mon amour, You did not do anything of the sorts. Je suis juste content votre coffre-fort. Je ne peux pas se permettre de perdre l'amour de ma vie"

(Y/N) did not understand the french. She looked at him confused. "Laf, you know I don't know French." He tilted his head and then let out a small chuckle, "Okay mon amor, do you understand this?" He leaned in and put his lips against hers lovingly. (Y/N)'s eyes widened then she slowly fell into the kiss. He pulled away and grabbed her hand.

"It means 'I love you so much.' And I do, I have for a while you know?" (Y/N) sat there in shock. "Laf, I don't know what to say, I'm still dati-" Lafayette put his finger to her lips. "You talk too much, ma douce. But nevertheless, I spoke to Mr.Lee and I kindly told him that, "If he was to go in your apartment again I will punch him to Paris and back." (Y/N) smiled. "Laf?"

He raised an eyebrow. "I think.. I love you too." He smiled and put his forehead to hers. "Good, because, I Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de Lafayette, am madly in love with you, (Y/N) (L/N)." 

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