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we are all blank canvas waiting to be tainted

pure and blank;


of new beginnings and second chances

but you took that chance away from me and tainted me


of ocean reflected in your eyes

I so easily drowned in


the color of the diamond studded dress

the night sky wore to the party,

a party I was so often invited to

one insomnia loved to take me to.


I cannot help but wonder
how it can make healing bruises look like oil paintings?


mellow like jazz in a warmly lit café

yet deeper than an ocean

and once again

you swallow me whole


too calming and clear

too soothing - I do not want to be soothed

because it is too easy for you, and you do it again

you swallow me whole.

here comes insomnia

wearing her starstudded Cinderella gown

dancing in the night sky, basking in the moons' glow


of the late night parties

and the hypocritical ocean luring me into its depths

you swallow me whole.

and watched as I drowned,

lungs burning for air

g as p i ng for breath;

brain starved for oxygen


the price of safety

you couldn't afford


of trust and loyalty

of promises that were meant to be broken



and you watched as I drowned

into the very blue of your eyes.

once again, credit to dichromatic

this is part two of her poem 'Tainted'. the first part was the poem beforehand.

i absolutely adore your style of writing and poems, madia. <3

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