Trapped on a tour bus with BTR part 8

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We already arrived at the next venue at 3AM and everybody was still asleep but I wasn’t. I couldn’t stop thinking about Logan. Was he really gone? Every time I closed my eyes I saw Logan again so I just don’t wanna sleep anymore so I get up to the front of the bus and sat down on the couch. It was still dark and I didn’t saw anything.

After a while I heard the door open and closed again and then I felt some arms around me.

James: “Why are you up so early?”

Chloe: “I can’t sleep. What about you”

James: “same”

Chloe: “James… I wanna go home.”

James: “I know you miss your family and friends but are we that bad?”

Chloe “No… You guys are amazing but… everything here just let me think about Logan.”

James: “We all miss him really much”

Chloe: “How are you gonna tell it to the fans cuz you can’t still tell them, he is sick.”

James: “I think, just tell them. We have no choice.”

After a while, James went back to his bed. I was still sitting on the couch thinking about a lot. Suddenly I heard a knock on the door. Who could that be at 3AM? I went to the door and opened it but there was nobody.

When I was about to close the door again, somebody took my hand and pulled me outside. He pushed me against one side of the bus and led his hands on my waist.

Chloe: “Who are you?”

He didn’t replay my question. I felt his hot breath on my face. The way he holds me, it felt… I don’t know but I felt it before.

Chloe: “Who… who are-“

He cuts me of by kissing me on the lips.

?: “I love you too”

Chloe: “What? Who are… you and why do you think that I… I love… you?”

He just left after that and I went inside the bus, back into my bed. Why did he kiss me? And why did he think that I loved him? How the hell was that guy? One thing I knew was the way he holds me and the sound of his voice was so familiar to me but I can’t come to a name. Who was that guy?


Sorry that's it a little short but I didn't had much inspiretion and I promised my friend to write another part, i hope ya like it a little. xoxo

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