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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1 Newbie

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Tati's POV

Hi I'm Tatiana Mcquay, but seriously call me Tati! I am 14 years old I don't really like to go to parties, but I love doing homework though. I'm kinda new in this town, so to begin my first day of school....


I woke up and check what time was it and it was 7:30


I woke up, I went to brush my hair and I decided to wear a pink crop top and shorts, then I slipped on my sneackers, brushed my teeth and graves my bag and ran down stairs.

Tati's Mom:Hey sweetie I made some pancakes come sit down and-

Tati:Sorry Mom I'm late for school I'll just eat an apple! Bye mom!

Tati's Mom:Well have fun on your first day! Bye!!

I ran to school since its like a block away, and I opened the doors and the weird thing was I was in time, so I checked my phone to see what time it was and it was 5:15.

Tati:Seriously?! Who messed up the time in my phone?! Ugh whatever let's just find the office

I was just looking around just exploring and I wasn't looking where I was going so I accidentally bumped in to someone which I fell on the floor.

Tati: *gets up* Omg I am so sorr-

Person:Watch it you- *looks at her* beautiful young lady *winks*

Tati:*rolls her eyes* Drop dead dutch

I walked away which he apparently followed me.

Person:I'm Gabe

Tati:Did I ever asked who you were?

Gabe:Oh sassy! I like sassy girls! Anyways what's the name?

Tati:Yeah! Like I'm gonna tell you! *walks faster*

Gabe:*catches up* Look just tell me your name and I'll leave you alone!

Tati:Look I don't have time for you I just need to find the office ok?

Gabe:I'll take you there! If you tell me your name

Person:Gabe shut up go catch up with you gang!

Gabe:*rolles his eyes* Whatever *walks away*

Tati:Thank you so much! He was working on my last nerves right there!

Person:Your a newbie right? I'm Malia Tinay, but just call me Boogie.

Tati:I'm Tatiana Mcquay, call me Tati!

Boogie:Nice to meet you Tati! Your looking for the office right?


Boogie:Oh I'll you walk you there come on!

So Boogie walked me to the office to grab my schedule and we went to the hallway to see what classes we got together!

Boogie:We both had Math in 1st period and in 3rd period we both have history together and we meet each other at lunch which you can meet my friends! And on 6th period we both have English

Tati:Great! Let's go to Math!

We both grabbed our books from our lockers and we both walked to class.

*Bell rings*

Teacher:Ok class! For the people that are new! I am Mrs Kathy! And I am your math teacher! Now let's get stated!


Mrs Kathy:Remember to study guys!

Everyone got dismiss for class and me and Boogie went to our lockers which we our lockers were right next t each other!

Tati:So you know that Gabe guy?


Tati:Is he always a douche?

Boogie:Pretty much his whole squad are douches! They literally hit on every girl, go out on parties getting drunk, and yeah but just ignore them.

Tati:oh okay... See you in next period!

Boogie:You too! See ya

I walked to class and took my seat which class already started

teacher:Ok class I'm Mr Cortez! Before we start class I would like to know a lot about you guys! So who wants start?

If you you didn't know I'm shy! So I just hid my face

Mr Cortez:How about the girl in the pink top right there *points at me*


Mr Cortez:Yup! Come up here!

Tati:um ok *stands up slowly*

Then someone opened door, and guess who that was??

Gabe:Sorry I'm late Mr Cortez!

Mr Cortez:Your lucky it's your first day! Go sit bye the girl in the pink top *points at me*

Gabe:*smirks and walks over to me* Hey Sassy Cat!


Hey guys! I am still working on Seailey Life Season 2 and yes I will be updating more!! This Story is just gati and maybe a little bit of more Seailey and Kengie but mainly gati! And yes I'm a hardcore gati shippa 😂😂 Stay tune for the next chapter!! Love you guys!

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