My heart is going crazy. Shit I think I'm even sweating.

I was walking side by side with Jake as we headed towards a big shady tree. Compared to me, he looked really calm. I'm such an idiot.

"What's funny?" Jake asked

I didn't realize I literally laughed out loud.

"Nothing" I said, smiling to myself.

We sat down comfortably under the tree, then he started speaking.

"So...Aqua, how are you?" he asked, then he laughed.

"What's funny?" I asked. Was this some sort of prank...

"I'm just laughing at myself..."


"Because I'm being a coward"


"Aqua I like you" he said. It didn't sink in.

"I like you too Jake, you're a good friend" when I said that, he seemed to frown for a second.

"Hmm" he said.

"What?" I asked.

"When I say I like you, I mean I really like you Aqua, as in I like you a lot..."

Fuck. I felt myself turning red. Oh my Gosh! I started plucking the grass nervously.

"Oh Jake are you sure?" what am I saying! What kind of idiot am i?! a guy tells me he likes me, and not just any guy, Jake!!! And I ask him if he's sure. Wait, Jake likes me. He doesn't love me. Not as much as I do. Great. Just great. I'll probably scare him if I tell him I love him. Then he'll never speak to me again.

He seemed pissed off.

"I knew this was a bad idea" he said. Before I could say anything, he stood up, looked at me, then said, "Look, I'm sorry Aqua, just forget what I said" and then he walked off.

"Wait! Jake!" I shouted. But he never looked back.


"Aqua, what happened?" Mia asked. We were in the girls bathroom and I was crying my eyes out.

After Jake had left, I sat there on the lawn. Blank. About 30mins later, the bell shook me out off my trance. What had just happened? Without warning, the tears started running down my cheeks, and they didn't stop. They kept coming. I stood up, grabbed my bag and ran to the girls bathroom.

That was how Mia found me. Sitting in the cubicle, sobbing and hiccuping, and I have no idea why.

"Aqua, what happened? Why are you crying?" Mia asked me for the seventh time. She looked on the verge of tears herself, and it made me cry harder.

After some minutes, I quieted down. We sat there silently for a good ten minutes.

"Jake told me he likes me, I asked him if he's sure, he told me it was a mistake and then stormed off." I said. Realizing how childish I was for crying for no good reason.

"Didn't you tell him how you feel?" Mia asked.

"We never got to that I said, he told me to forget what he said. Then he walked off...maybe it was part of some practical joke and he felt bad so he decided to back out"

"Come on Aqua! He told you he likes you and you questioned him!? After all the times you were mooning over him? Oh my gosh" why is she getting mad at me?

"Mia, he said he likes me, he doesn't love me, not as much as I do him..."

"Oh my God! The boy tells you he has feelings for you and you reject him just because he's not offering the whole world?! You're just being selfish" what?

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