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Hello people, here you go a chapter that I did not think I was going to be able to get out to youse at all. So sorry if its short or if you find any gramma mistakes, but its better than no chapter :))


Chapter 5

I sat on my couch ringing my hands together in nervousness, I couldn’t decide on who would be worse to call first, Julian or Luca? If I called Luca I could blow off some steam because he needed a good telling off about giving my address out to random people, not that Julian is a random but come on! Seriously what kind of brother gives their sister’s ex-boyfriend their address? Luca of course, but on the other hand it isn’t any of Julians business whether I am engaged or not, he doesn’t need to know, but I didn’t want him finding out by some random. I leant over and picked the phone off the coffee table and dialled the number to the person who I knew I needed to talk to the most. After the 6 ring she finally picked up.

"Larissa, honey I’m in the middle of a fashion show at the moment, is it important?" my aunt asked and I could hear all the chaos of a fashion show happening in the background.

"Is the news of my engagement important enough?" I asked in the most calmest voice I could manage, even though I was jumping for joy on the inside.

"What!? When did this happen? Hold on, Natalie take over Miranda’s makeup. Alright tell me all about it." She asked and I could hear the background noise turning into silence which told me she went somewhere quiet.

"It was romantic and embarrassing at the same time. We were out at dinner and we were just talking andc he told me about how he has to goto Sydney for an internship with some of the best doctors and before I could figure out what he was doing he was getting onto one knee and asking me to marry him! Well after he gets back from Sydney or when I'm absolutely ready." By the end of my quick run down I had a massive grin on my face.

"Oh honey, I'm so proud of you and I'm sure your parents would be aswell. Well what does the ring look like?" she asked her voice full of pride. I gazed down at my hand as I began to describe the beauty of my engagement ring to her.

"Its a thin white gold band with a teardrop cut sapphire in the middle with one row of diamonds along the band on either side, it's gorgeous."

"Well I think I'm going to have to see for myself, I will fly to Milan as soon as I can and I might try and make it for your final show." I beamed at the thought of seeing my aunt and having her watch my end of year show. "Honey, I'm going to have to let you go, they need me to finish the models make-up. I love you and I promise to make it to Milan as soon as possible." I could hear in her voice that she really meant it when she said that she would be coming to Milan.

"Wait! I want you to be my maid of honour."I quickly blurted out before she could hang up on me.

"Oh, honey of course, I would be honoured, just dont make me wear an ugly puffy dress." she said lightly.

I let out a slight chuckle at the thought of putting my aunt in an ugly dress, "Of course not, you are going to be wearing one of my designs." I said.

"Oh well now I really cant wait to get to Milan to see what you have planned. I really must go now honey I will talk to you later."

"Ok, I love you, bye." I hung up the phone and just stood there in the middle of my lounge contemplating what to do next.

I needed to sketch, I havent sketched in a while and I need to gather ideas for the wedding. I quickly grabbed my large bag and chucked in my sketch book and other utensils I would need. I grabbed my car keys and headed out of my appartment. I knew just the place I needed to go, my uncles cafe.

I pulled up infront of my uncles cafe and walked through the doors, and took in the wonderful aromas of freshly brewed coffee. I sat down at my usual table and let the smells surround me along with the loud and somewhat comforting sound of all the Italians inside. I pulled out my sketch book and a pencil and just stared at the blank page waiting for it to hit me.

"Larissa! How are you my bella?" My uncle asked while coming over to me with an iced coffee already in one hand and a fresh piece of tiramisue in the other, ah did he know me well or what?

"Ciao, zio, well I think I'm pretty brilliant." I said while raising the upper side of my left hand.

"OH MIO DIO!" he exclaimed and quickly grabbed my hand and inspected the ring, "Maria! Maria! Vene qua!" my uncle frantically called for my aunt.

(Incase none of you know here is a quick run down, oh mio dio = oh my god, vene qua = come here and che voi = what do you want, kind of its the short version of come here)

My aunt came walking out of the back wiping her hands on a tea towel while yelling, "ma, che voi?!" As soon as she saw me she rushed over and took my face between both her hands and give me two big kisses on each cheek, "Bella! How are you?" she beamed at me.


"Engaged! Shes engaged Maria! Isnt it wonderful?" my uncle all but bellowed throughout the cafe and had all the people turn around to look at what the commotion was all about.

"That is wonderful, congratulations my dear." my aunt said while giving me a big hug.

"Youre engaged?" a surprised but slightly hurt voice asked from behind me.

I turned to look in the direction of where the voice had come from and felt my heart drop.


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