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I blink my eyes open as Michael carries me inside our house, laying me down on the couch and kissing my forehead. He goes back out to go help with the bags.

I entertain myself with toy blocks while they bring all the bags inside. Luke comes over and picks me up, going over over to the high chair and strapping me in.

I whine and try to get out but he hushes me and puts a few goldfish on the tray. Michael comes in and starts cooking lunch for all of us.

Ashton comes in and kisses my head, making me smile. "I hired a babysitter for the tour and she seems really nice." He says while setting up the table. Michael looks up from where he was stirring a pot of mac and cheese.

"Really? What's her name?" He asks and looks curious.

"Catia." Ashton says. "She's a fan. When I was shopping for more stuff for Taylor we bumped into each other and eventually I mentioned needing a babysitter so she offered."

"Cool." Michael says and scoops some Mac and cheese into a plastic bowl, bringing it over to me and feeding me.

I eat it happily, Michael watching me fondly. After I finish, Ashton scoops me out and goes upstairs to the bathroom.

He sits me on the closed toilet seat while he starts the bath, adding bubbles and toys. After it's full, he undresses me and lifts me into the tub.

He washes my hair and body before lifting me out and wrapping me in a soft baby blue towel.

Ashton carries me into my room where he lays me on the changing table and tapes a new nappy on me. He goes to the closet and grabs a white onesie with unicorns all over it and puts it on me as well.

The rest of the boys come up to my room and coo as Ashton lays me in my crib and tucks me in. They all press a kiss to my forehead lovingly and whisper goodnights before exiting out the door. I'm so glad they saved my life.

This is the last chapter. Sorry guys I don't have much inspiration for this book anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
BUT I am writing another book so be on the lookout for that. Thanks for voting and commenting!
Love you :)

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