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Angelina decided to just go with friends. Including you and raphael. Kelsey curled her onyx locks as she wore a sexy red dress that stopped right above her knee. It hugged her waist and butt. Charisma wore a Barbie pink slim n' flowy dress make of silk that was V-cut and stopped St her knees. Junabelle wore a sky blue dress with a soft seethrough overlay of sparkles. Krissy wore a soft-golden colored two piece with white glitter on the skirt and gold and white beadwork on the top. She straightened her hair so it wasn't in an afro. And Angelina wore a tan colored dress with a same tan coloring lace outlined in gold and a peach colored silk belt already sewn on with a jewel flower. And you wore your dress with your hair (curled with a braid of your hair going across your head like s headband. Or your hair is completely straightened with a glossy sheen.) your shoes were like a modern Cinderella. Clear; all around clear plastic that wraps around your feet and a heal that 6 inches high with the obvious grip on the bottom of the shoes but instead of black their white. You applied your makeup for the last finishing touches. Purple in the crease and lavender eyeshadow with a black liquid eyeliner flick and chapstick. Raph doesn't like the feel of glossy stickiness. Ikr. Imagine how u feel after love making XD your friends all ready and walking down the cement stairs from angelinas place glistening with beauty. you were the last to walk as you dropped your phone. you picked it up stood up and closed the wooden door behind you as you looked down to see the time. It was 8:24 pm. You looked up to see Raph holding his hands together like a gentleman in front of a white n silver limo. You covered your mouth with both hands as your phone was still in your hand. "Oh my god." you could tell u were smiling underneath your hands. You were laughing a little from joy. Raphael was wearing a pair of black slacks and shined up shoes along with a white blouse with long sleeves that tucked into his pants and a black bow tie under the collar of the white shirt. His shirt did not go over his shell. You weren't sure how he did it but u didnt question. You walked down so amazed and happy with your hands letting go of your face. "Raphael. You look-" "nah ah don't say a word. I feel weird wearing this monkey suit " you laughed at him. He opened the door "meh lady" he used hid British accent. "You are just on a role tonight." he maneuvered himself into the limo with the rest of your friends. You couldn't help but stare at raph. He looked so handsome, like a pirate XD. He rolled his eyes " please stop." "but u look so handsome in your monkey suit.""this is gonna be a long night." "awe come on i'm only teasing." he put his shades down from his mask over his eyes and leaned his head back as he stretched his arms out over the limos curved couched. You shook your head as you rolled your eyes towards your friends. Krissy giggled. "I must admit your boyfriend can be quite charming when he tries." Angelina added. "Meh." raph answered. The girls smiled at his response. The limo stopped slowly at the curb. Raph looked over his shoulder through the window to see your school. He lowered his glasses down to his nose. He watched as girls wore sparkly dresses and high heels with powdered faces as the men wore the classic black suit with shined up shoes and slicked back hair. He groaned internally. 'I wish i wasn't doing this..I don't belong here.' he thought. "Raph are you ok?" He looked to you "Yea i'm fine" He smiled(: He fixed his glasses to where they were upon his head. He let your friends along with you go first. Once you were out you extended your hand for him to take as he exited himself from the limo. But he squeezed himself out of the limo Then he took your hand. He towered Over everyone. The tallest boy there was 6'4 and he was a football player. Raph was 6'7. He felt disoriented. You could feel his hand sweating in yours. " sure your ok?" "Its just different is all." "I promise it'll be ok." You assured him. He looked down from you to the crowd of people whispering and walking by you and him staring at him. You looked up at raph then you pulled on his hand to walk with you to the doors. You took your first step onto the school grounds in your clear platforms. He walked by your side as you two held hands. You friends followed you guys into the school. You were 5th in line to get inside the dance. "I'm so excited you agreed to do this." you smiled big :D :D He :)smiled as a snort ( not the sound of a snort) of air exhaled from his nose; Like a laugh from a nose. He put his hand on your back "Anything for you babe." "aweee." you hugged his rib cage with your tiny arms. He rubbed your back in return; he couldn't exactly hug you with people cutting through the line to get by and people behind him; his shell is too big for that. "What do you usually do at dances?" "Well dance for one um you can eat food or just talk to friends while loud music blares or be the creeper in the corner starring at girls XD you'll find those weirdos" He smiled in amusement. "I think i'm good." You smiled with your teeth glowing :D "Next." Is all you heard from one of the teachers. You knocked on his bicep like door "its our turn." You pulled out your School ID for the lybarian checking to make sure kids actually go to this school and no one is over age. You gave the 28 year old blonde your ID as she fixed her black glasses. She wore red lip stick like TaylorSwift and her eyes were so green. So bright. She looked at raph "I think you ok." She accepted Raphael then a man butted in "Um no it isn't." It was your math teacher. You looked at him in confusion but kept your mouth silent. "First of all he's in violation of one of the rules for the dress-code tonight. He doesn't have a jacket on. Second, he's never went to an official school for an education." "So he can't go to a dance cause he's not educated to your standard and a jacket?" the red lipped lybrarian asked. The man looked at her then answered "yea!" "Its fine.." Raphael said. "Raph?" you asked questioning his answer. He pulled you aside from the line and kneeled down to your height, "Its alright, You go and hang out with your friends. And if a guy asks you to dance, Go ahead." He kissed your forehead and then turned around to leave the school. He squeezed between people to get out through the doors. He walked out into the wide empty sidewalk with his hands in his pockets. He kicked a rock as he pulled out a toothpick from his pocket and placed it in his teeth. He moved it with his tongue to the corner of his mouth as his back teeth chewed on it. He bent his knees with his hands on them and sat down on a bench. He exhaled and leaned his head back. You walked out of the building looking for Raphael. You past the last brick-made column as you saw Raphael with his legs spread and his arms extended across the benches backing. You walked over to him as the street lights beamed through your shoes creating the look of water. You know that look when its night time and the pool lights are on and a reflection is created all around the room. That watery reflection. That's what your shoes made. Your arms by your side as you walked over towards him. Your (short hairs rustling in the air/ long hair dancing in the harsh wind.) You sat down next to him silently. "How come your not inside?" "I wanted to go to the dance with you; not my friends." you simply told him. He took his arms off the bench's arch and put his elbows on his knees as he leaned forward. You waited for him to say something. Your pupils looked down at his shoes then back at his face; you rearranged yourself "If you want to; we can go home. its just a dance." Although thats not exactly how you felt but you were more focused on how He was feeling not yourself. He looked at you "You sure? You seemed like you really wanted to do this." You nodded it being ok. He took his phone out and put on some music. (whatever you like the most) But just cause i can i'm gonna say He put on "Amaranthine by Amaranthe" (Below it the song again sorry it such a big picture)

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