44 ~ Felix

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When Felix and Ryan arrived at the library, they were down to twenty-five minutes. Determined to take advantage of every one of them, Felix hauled Ryan into the elevator and pressed the button to the fifth floor. She knew the library like the back of her hand and had discovered the best places to read without interruption. Surely, they would find an unoccupied bathroom on the floor where the government resources were kept. The universe appeared to be on her side, as they found the floor empty, along with the bathroom.

Once she got the door locked, Ryan backed her into the wall, his lips claiming her in a passionate, open-mouthed kiss. Felix could taste his lasagna, and she was sure he could smell the garlic on her breath, but her mind was on his hands as he unbuttoned her jeans and urged them over her hips. She handled her panties while he fumbled one-handed with his pants, letting his erection bounce against her belly. As soon as her lower half was free of clothing, she hiked up her leg, notching it against his hip, and he grabbed the back of her thigh. With his chest pressed into hers, Ryan slipped between her legs, rubbing his hard-on through her wetness and setting off a rush of chills that reached all the way to her skull.

"Damn, Felix. You turn me on so much."

"The feeling is definitely mutual."

"I can tell."

The next thing she knew, Ryan was fitting his hardness inside her. The sensation was so intense, so filling, she barely noticed the unforgiving tile wall or the stinging on her ass as it slid up and down the rough grout. He wielded himself with such competence, she couldn't help thinking of him as an able-bodied knight, showing his strength through passionate love making yet keeping his intentions honorable. At least that's how she interpreted it as she closed her eyes and rode the pleasure train. It wasn't until Ryan moaned her name and whispered how amazing she felt that she realized they were unprotected.

"Ryan, are you packing?"

He lifted his head, his expression switching from heady and lustful to wide-eyed shock. "Jesus, Felix. I don't know why... I was just so... It's in my wallet."

He pulled out gracefully and reached for his pants, dumping the contents onto the floor and sheathing his weapon in less than twenty seconds. He reconnected with her, and they were at it again, humping like a pair of dogs on the front lawn, single-minded in their task to fuck with no regard for any bystanders who might happen along. As she closed in on her climax, he reached between their bodies and fingered her clit. This was all it took to trigger her, and Felix trembled through her release, willing her knees to hold still as she kissed him hungrily. Ryan soon followed, grinding into her hips and tickling her lips as he groaned against them. Another glimpse at heaven.

Ryan slowly withdrew and Felix lowered her knee, relaxing into his embrace. He continued to kiss her mouth, caressing her with his lips, giving no regard to the time or place. His tongue penetrated her as urgently as his dick had, until she thought she might swoon. Their lips finally parted, and he stared into her eyes with a dark, unfocused gaze. If she didn't know better, she would swear he was just coming out of hypnosis.

"I can honestly say I will never think of libraries the same way again," he said, smiling wryly.

"How did you think of them before?"

"Boring and dusty."

"Well, I'm glad I could change your mind, but don't expect to get off in every library bathroom. You might be arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior."

"That's okay. I have connections at the precinct."

Felix let the banter stop there. She knew Ryan had a history of short-term sexual relationships, and she didn't want to remind herself of that. Was she barking up the wrong tree with him? She didn't doubt he meant what he said when he told her he cared for her, but old habits die hard. Of course, it was too late to second guess Ryan now. She was in this, and Felix pushed her worries to the back of her mind as she pulled on her jeans. She wanted to bask in the glow of Ryan's sexual dexterity as long as possible. Who knew what waited for her back at the boring and dusty office of the FBI.

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