This will be rather short and won't take up much of your time.

As you may have guessed by the title, this chapter has to do with this year's Wattys. For those of you that don't know or fairly new, The Wattys is a yearly awards contest that celebrates different stories of all genres. You probably heard about all of this on Wattpad's official profile, so I won't go into full detail. If you have more questions about it, check out their profile.

But this isn't a rant, nor am I entering this book into the Wattys in particular. I'm actually entering two of my other fanfics, Mysterious Fates and Shoot for the Sky, Where the Stars Live.

To give you some context about Mysterious Fates, it's a multi fandom crossover fanfic. The main focus/universe is Harry Potter, joined in with How To Train Your Dragon, Fairy Tail, Suite Life, and a few others you may recognize as well. This fanfic actually means a lot to me because this is the one that inspired me to start writing to begin with. Even if you aren't that familiar with the fandoms, I try to make it so that any person can enjoy it.

Shoot for the Sky, Where the Stars Live is more or less for anime fans, or if you want to get more specific, Fairy Tail fans. It is a Nalu fanfic that I thought I'd give it a try so go on ahead!

Both of these fanfics are on my profile so go read 'em if you want to and definitely spread the word by sharing them and all that shit. XD

Seriously though, whether you actually read either of them or not, please still do share them, it'll make me a very happy bunny.

And remember:

And remember:

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