Don't mess with me, Mai

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*This is a mini story that was written by me but the credit goes to MiaSopko, she was the one who came up with this idea, I just wrote it. *

I felt hands on my back(That was not enough to wake me up), felt slight pressure, then kissed the carpet. My eyes shot open they were a dark red color, whoever pushed me was going to get it.

Princess no need for violence.

Really, Gene, this calls for violence. To think I almost died last case, I think that in and of itself deserves a break.

Calm down and get me tea.

An irk mark appeared on my forehead at the unwanted idiotic- tea- addicted- narcissistic- can't- take- no- for- an- answer- boss. I could already feel myself go into demon mode. Yeah, pushing me off a couch, interupting my sleep, and commanding me to make tea? No way, no day.

Make it yourself! In case you don't remember I was almost killed last case! Don't you think that warrants a teensy tiny ittsy bitty break?

Yeah, Noll, she should at least get one break, if not you'll run her into the ground.

*Sigh* Mai, just make the tea. I am not in the mood to listen to your complaints. Especially after seeing the damage costs you've caused due to your temper. If this continues you will not be going on any cases. In short you will be fired. Am I clear,idiot?

Ohhh, now I was seething. How dare he threaten me with the idea of being fired. He has no right to do this to me! I fumed in my head, I could just feel my fangs aching to bite into something. That somethine just might be my boss. "MAI!" You know who yelled through the silent office. I sighed, trying my hardest to calm down from demon mode. The thing that pushed me wasn't completely forgotten, just pushed off to the side. For now. "I'm coming, I'm coming." I grumbled underneath my breath. Slowly walking to the room that no doubt would cause me to go full demon mode again.

Knocking is for newbs. With that thought in mind I kicked the door open. Okay, so maybe I was still a bit angry about earlier. Just a bit. "What do you want, Naru?" I asked with a hand on my hip. If my tone dripped anymore sass it could fill ten pools. Naru narrowed his eyes at her. Today he looked at bit different. I can't put a finger on it, though. I thought. "Mai, shut the door and lock it will you? We need to have a little chat. Or are you too stupid to talk today?" My fists clenched, cue Vampire Mode. "Whatever you say boss." I did as he said then plopped onto of his laptop, my legs crossed at the knee. So wearing a short shorts. wasn't the best to wear, especially given the look Naru was giving me. Can't blame me though, it takes me to calm down to revert back to regular Mai clothes. Back to earth Space Cadet.

"Idiot, are you listening to me?" Asked the narcissist.I'd call him satan but won't for obvious reasons. "No, care to repeat for your sexy assistant, boss?" I purred for some reason. Don't ask me why, I don't even know. It's like something took over my body, but didn't. Weird feeling. BACK TO EARTH SPACE CADET. "Mai, I-" He was cut off. "Don't you dare tell me I'm fired." I growled. "I wasn't going to say that." He cleared his throat then loosened his tie."Get off the desk and sit in a chair like a normal person. If you choose not to, don't blame me for what happens." Consider interest peaked. I parted my lips. "What, exactly, would happen if I didn't listen, Mr. Boss Man?" My head tilted to the side, half of my hair covered my face. I shifted my position on the desk, one leg going lying down on the desk the other tucked underneath my chin. My ears picked up a low grown. Did that come from Naru? An eyebrow quirked. I must tease him. Giving a little chuckle I leaned forward and bit my lip. "I'm waiting Naru. What would happen?" I released my lip then pursed them togethr in a pout. Cue another groan. Maybe I should use my other talents. I leaned closer to him, one hand running down his chest. My hand closed around his tie, tugging him closer to me. His face was inches from my face. A smile tugged. "Well, Naru?" I whispered into his ear. Without warning he yanked my hands off of him, the momentum caused me to fall backwards. Oh great, tease him a little and this happens. woo.

Their I lay sprawled on Naru's desk, mmy legs hanging half off the desk. My torso completely on the giant piece of wood, unknown objects pressed into my back through the thin black fabric, the shorts rode up even further. If that was possible. Naru stood above me, his eyes smoldered even brighter than they usually were. "This." With that one word said left behind a question. one that he answered immediately. His right hand moved to my arm, tugging me upwards. My body left the desk. For one second I was floating in air, the next being slammed down against Naru's chest. A gasp left my mouth. Again his right hand moved to the back of my head, pulling it towards his own. My eyes widened as he placed his lips on my own. Okay, I must be dreaming, he would never do something like this. What the hell? I'll play along. My own hand went up and tangled with his hair, pulling and tugging until a low groan was heard. A smirk kissed my lips. I stradled his waist, deciding that was much more comfortable. While one hand tugged on his hair the other danced along his chest. My fingers hitting a smooth belt. A smooth leather belt. Smootly I undid the belt moving it aside through the loops. Time for some fun. Again I smirked against Naru's mouth. I felt him tense. Probably sensing I was up to no good. He be right. The belt dangled in my hand. Striking quickly his own hands were incased withing the belt. His eyes widened in surprise. I chuckled. "Come on, Naru, did you really think I'd let you kiss me in the office?" I placed my hands on my hips cocking an eyebrow.

Just when Naru opened his mouth to answer someone burst in the room. My eyes flicked to who it was. I almost face planted. Yasu stood with a phone video taping the whole thing, next to him was a fuming monk. His eyes locked on me, boy he looked pissed. Only then did I bother looking down. My thin black shirt was pushed up above my chest, shorts were still on my upper thighs the fabric looking rumpled. Had I been my old self I would've blushed. Not this current self. Oh no, instead of blushing I owned it! "Monk, you're knid of interupting something. I was just about to have fun." In an instant Monk went from fuming to full on Over Protective Daddy Mode. "NARRRRUUUUUUUU, WHY I OUGHTA!!!!" Monk shouted bearing a baseball bat in his fist. Meanwhile Yasu recorded everything holding in his laughter.

Monk charged the offender, he didn't get very far into the room. I had him in my arms, I looked up at him with an innocense I never had. "Please, daddy, don't kill him? I can do it myself if you prefer. Please don't hurt him." I almost snapped when Yasu poorly hid his laughter. Monk looked down at me, almost poking his own eye out with my horns. How I managed innocence looking like a demon I'll never know. He sighed. "Nope, I'll kill him!" With that Monk broke free and ran at Naru.Baseball bat raised and ready. I sighed, flashed to them, removed the bat, then knocked out Monk. Next I released Naru. "Alright, bud, you're clear. Might want to leave." Naru nodded, paused, looked back and opened his mouth. "Oh, and Mai, WAKE UP YOU IDIOT!"

I bolted upright on the couch, Naru stood infront of me. He had on his usual black on black with no leather belt. One weird ass dream. I thought. I leveled a glare on Naru. "What?!" He smirked. "Next time, don't use my belt." I gaped at him.

Mai, Tea!! Came the unwanted voice. I sighed and began the tea making process making sure i had oven mits on to prevent further burning. Weird ass dream.

A/N: Again the real person behind this is Mia Sopko. Thanks for reading.

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