Chapter 2

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When I got to the senior's social area, Nicola was sitting at a table playing with her phone.

"Hey," she waved, pulling out a chair beside her and inviting me to sit. "How was English?"

For someone with studies always lacking in her thoughts, it was a strange conversation starter.

"Awful," I sighed. "Mrs. Baird basically forced me to work on the school paper this year."

"We have a school paper?" she laughed, pretending to care.

"This is its first year, I get the honor of being the first ever editor." 

She laughed, stroking my hand in compassion.

"So, anyone exciting in your class?" she asked after a couple of moments, continuing with the strange questions. 

To reiterate, I was speaking to someone who didn't give two shits about my - or her - studies. Therefore, I had no clue why she was asking what she was, so just had to guess.

"Olivia? I thought we were waiting at least another hour until we got back on this?"

But she instantly shook her head, dismissing the idea. "No-one at all...?"

"Oh!" I suddenly - but wrongly - clicked. "We got a new teacher, Miss Dawson. She seems pretty cool."

The expression which that answer received quickly told me news hadn't yet spread that Bridgeview had finally hired someone younger than most the textbooks.

"Err...I meant Ben," she muttered, looking at me with a forced smile.


"Oh, yeah, kind of forgot about him..." 

Her eyes were screaming you've lost it girl, whilst I, all of a sudden, felt very uncomfortable. Nonetheless, as any good friend would, she quickly got back on the topic of Ben Chalmers.

"So, did you guys talk?"

"No, it's really awkward. He kept on smiling at me, and I mean smiling at me," 

"Just embrace it, babe, he's kind of hot."

I mimicked a laugh in response to the obvious sarcasm. Ben was certainly not the worst person to look at, but I knew for a fact that he wasn't her type.

She started laughing, apparently enjoying this. "Well, he's definitely not ugly."

I shrugged my shoulders and mumbled something about being drunk and only viewing him as a friend, which was true. However, less than 10 seconds later came the inevitable look. That look which was almost always followed by an uncomfortable conversation where I was duly reminded of the fact that I'd never actually had a serious boyfriend. Because my lack of past endeavors was something I loved hearing again and again.

"You're really pretty Rachel, I just don't get why you didn't let things properly start off with Craig last year. That had potential."

It was almost a routine, and I could pretty much quote exactly what she'd have said next. It'd relate to the fact I was going to turn 18 in under a couple of months and how, by not having ever turned official, I was destined to die alone. 

Thankfully, we never got that far. I was saved by Steven and Richard - my new favorite guys - who both came in and pulled over a couple of chairs.

"Hey girls," they smiled. Richard, Nicola's boyfriend, leaned over and kissed her on the cheek - their usual levels of PDA. "What are you guys talking about?"

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