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Hey guys! This is a new story! Hope you give it a chance!

Warning. Warning. This book is a rough draft and still needs loads of major editing and lacks loads of details. Warning. Warning. The writer of this book writes shallowly and not deep.


"Mom? Dad?" I called out. Usually they would be practicing the element they have.

My mom was a Water elemental. Dad was a fire elemental.

I walked downstairs slowly.

"Mom? Dad?" I call out once more. My call, echoing through the house.

Once I'm downstairs, I see blood everywhere.

I start panicking and running around frantically.

"MOM! DAD! WHERE ARE YOU?! PLEASE ANSWER ME!" I shout, tears blurring my vision.

Finally I see them.      Pale.     Cold.    Bleeding.     Not breathing.     Their eyes had no Life.

I rum to them and sob.

I hold their hands and squeeze it hard, hoping that if I squeeze it hard enough they would wake up and tell me it was a dream. We would be a happy family. Mom would always be playing with water with me in the bathtub. Dad making funny figures with fire.

But nothing happened.

"Mom... Dad..." I say softly and helplessly, still hoping for their eyes to even flutter.

Then I spot a note beside them.

'To whom it may concern,

The League has forbidden the society to Match with different element.

Augustus and Aqua Zanders have been executed due to them matching with the element of the other.

Good day.

The League.'

They expect me to have a good day? They just killed my parents!

I needed my parents! I'm just 7 years old for crying out loud!

I don't do anything. I just sob.

I brush my mom's blonde hair away from her eyes. Her once beautiful blonde hair with bits of brown and red in it were now dull.    Dead.

My dad's eyes who was usually filled a free, happy spirit, and his care free personality, was now gone.

I suddenly spot a locket around my mom's neck.

I open it and see a picture of her and my dad on the left side, and me, mom, and dad on the right side.

I get it off my mom, seeing it's the only thing I would have left of them, and wear it.

"Goodbye Mom, Dad..." I sob. "Why did you have to leave? I love you so much."

After moments of tears and sobs, I figure that I should leave, because the League might find me.

I needed to run.

         I will.


Hello! This is a new story. I hope you give it a chance....

This is dedicated to my friend @Friendsrule_camy

Hope you enjoy this story!

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