Talking Body

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Normal P.O.V

"It's okay, Natsu, I forgive you. Please look at me." Natsu hesitantly lifted his head from her neck. He looked at her. Lucy closed her eyes and kissed him! She pulled away. "I'm not going anywhere, Natsu. I promise to never leave your side." She was going to say more, however Natsu shushed any protests by kissing her this time. Lucy shut her eyes, wrapped her arms around his neck and tugged him closer to her. The kiss deepened and grew fiery. Natsu shifted until he was the one sitting on the bed while Lucy straddled his lap. They pulled away gasping for air. "I love you." They said at the same time.

Natsu kissed Lucy again, this time it wsa heated the instant they touched lips. Lucy pulled Natsu's hair so hard he groaned. In turn Natsu ripped off Lucy's shirt and massaged her thigh. She moaned in his mouth. Natsu took his chance and shoved his tongue in Lucy's mouth. Again Lucy moaned. Their tongues danced, twining with each other and trying to claim domiance. Natsu of course won when he massaged her thigh harder, inciting yet another moan. HIs tongue roamed her mouth, tasting every inch. They seperated, a sting of saliva hanging between the two. Natsu took in Lucy's flushed face, her brown eyes heated like his fire. Natsu gulped then moved his face towards her neck. He left kisses along the skin, all the while he pushed her down onto the bed. One of his legs seperated hers. He kept his weight on his elbows as he pillaged her neck and chest. He suckled the skin of her left collar bone, both of his hands went down to her thighs and began their slow torture. "Na...Natsu!" Lucy moaned his name. The said man smirked against her collarbon. He was glad that his name was the one she was moaning. He decided to give the girl a reprieve. He returned his mouth to Lucys, his tongue dancing with hers. His hands moved to her pants, ripping them off of her. This time Lucy flipped them over until she was the one doing the straddling.

Lucy lay on top of Natsu in just her panties. But before she began a pilage of her own, she decided to rub her sex against his. His dick hardened, and Natsu unleashed a groan. Lucy smiled and continued to rub against him. Her hands moved to his vest, slowly unzipping. But, patience was never one of her virtues. She ripped the thing off of him, doing the same to his pants. Nastsu was only left with-well nothing- he was stripped naked. Lucy smirked and decided to give him a little loving. Lucy sat him up and got down on her knees. Her mouth closed around his tip and began to suck. Natsu groaned again as he pushed her head down on him. She obliged, pushing him deeper into her mouth. She went back up, then down. She kept doing this until he was about to cum. However before she could finish Natsu yanked her up and threw her on the bed. He ripped her panties off. The poor red lace didn't stand a chance. Natsu reached up and kissed her. HIs hand danced down her body until he felt her against his hand. Lucy dug her hands into his back as she moaned. Natsu smirked, he was going to have fun. Using two fingers he massaged her clit, adding a little more pressure with every moan Lucy made. The sound itself made him even harder. He replaced his fingers with his mouth. His tongue moved in small circles against her. Lucy gripped his hair, almost ripping the strands out. "P...Pl...Please...Nat.."SHe was cut off by the man himself. She hadn't even felt his tongue leave. He pushed his tongue into her mouth, his dick pushing inside of her. Lucy's moan increased until it was almost a scream. He pushed in then pulled out, setting a powerful rhythm in which the blonde met thrust for thrust. Sweat gathered between their bodies, each soaring higher and higher. "Na...Na..Natsu!" She called out. "Lucy!" Natsu grunted as he came inside her.

But he wasn't down, in fact he was just getting started. Natsu moved down to Lucy's breast. He sucked on one nipped, the other was getting a massage. Lucy bucked under neath him. Natsu smirked and bit down. "AH!" Lucy cried out. He kept on and on until she came again. Then he flipped her over. "Na..Natsu?" She asked. He could hear how tired she was, but she could handle him. Without warning he shoved to fingers in her anus. She groaned. He added in a third finger. After deciding she was ready he plowed himself into her. Lucy threw her head back and let out a pleasurable scream. Natsu moved one of his hands to her clit, right as he pulled out. Natsu set yet another powerful rhythm as he pulled in and out of Lucy, as he finger fucked her. Lucy's moans grew in volume. "Natsu, I'm...I'm gonna come!" She shouted. Natsu growled as he felt his release. They came together, shouting eachothers names. Natsu pulled out and lay down next to his girl. Her body still shivered with the after shocks of her orgasms. Her breaths were coming fast. "That....was.....amazing....Natsu." She gasped out. Natsu grunted in answer. His arms wrapped around her and yanked her back to his front. Lucy gasped then relaxed. Natsu moved on of his hands to her waist while the other pillowed her head. "Love you." They said at the same time and fell asleep in each others arms. Well, one fell asleep, the other was having another orgasm. Yep, Natsu managed to fuck her with his fingers even in his sleep. I think it's safe to say that Lucy didn't manage to sleep at all. Not. One. Minute.

A/N: This concludes the mini series of one shots. If more ideas come into my head then i'll have them published once I have internet connection. Thanks for going through this possibly horrid first try at me writing Lemon.

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