Chapter 35

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Chapter 35


"I never liked Colombia."

"Join the club." I answered, glancing around a street corner.

Next to me, the French agent tripped over the cobblestones in her five inch high heeled boots. Stupid girl. A ten year old would know better. In my ear, the comms unit remained silent. Simon was back at the control base, awaiting the status of our mission. It's a swift dead drop, getting information for both the CIA and French Intelligence. Simple enough.

"So, where are we meeting this asset of yours again, Mr. Thompson?" she asked, her accent thickening as she spoke in French.

I replied in French. Addy would be far better for this operation. She's always been good at working with the French.

"We're not meeting the asset. It's a dead drop operation. He drops the package, we switch it out, and then we leave." I explained, remembering the time when I taught Ember about dead drops.

The French agent pursed her lips and commented on a woman's purse as we passed by, something I would know nothing about. I rolled my eyes. Women.

"I know what a dead drop is, Mr. Thompson. I'm not a moron." she remarked.

Really? I find that hard to believe. I kept my mouth shut as we finally came upon our destination. Colombia's main airport was packed with travelers. Plenty of places to lose a bag...or pick one up. I leaned against the wall next to a kiosk advertising a Colombian tourist bus. The French agent (damn her incompetence) stood out in plain sight and made no effort to be discreet. She's going to blow our cover, goddammit!

"Stop acting like a bumbling idiot and stick to protocol!" I scolded in a hushed tone.

She placed her slender hand over her comms units, ignoring me. Well, there goes her cover. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the asset arrived. He looked around nervously before placing the blue suitcase with the green ribbon on the ground. I watched him leave the airport, hands in pockets as if he were just another average person. After clearing the area, I slipped into the mid-afternoon crowd and grabbed the suitcase, leaving behind a black satchel. Just before I could report to Simon with a successful mission accomplished, there was a ringing and an explosion. And then my vision went black as all the faces of every person I've ever loved went through my head.

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