Come back to me

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Lucy P.O.V

Lucy felt the door open. She stirred in her sleep. Her eyes opened. In front of her stood a male figure. Her mind was still clouded with sleep, since she was in her old she thought of who it was. "Daddy, is that you?" Her voice sounded tiny to her ears. Lucy could barely see him, her eyes were swollen and puffy from all the crying she did. "Why are you here, daddy? Shouldn't you be with mommy?" No answer. "Daddy?" This time a voice answered here, it wasn't her daddy. "Luce...." His voice said. Lucy was awake instantly, her voice was cold when she spoke. The wounds from last night burst back open. "What do you want?!" She saw him flinch.

Natsu's P.O.V

Natsu pushed the pink door open. He saw Lucy curled up on her side underneath her blanket. He silently walked up to her, debating on how to apologize. She stirred in her sleep, her brown eyes opened. He saw that they were still clouded with sleep. Natsu would've chuckled had he not remembered why she was in her old bedroom. "Daddy, is that you?" Natsu inhaled. Her voice sounded so small. Then the memories of what he said rushed back, the dagger in his gut twisted. Her eyes were very red and swollen. Once Natsu took that in he felt guilt drag him down. He caused this. "Why are you here, daddy? Shouldn't you be with mommy?" Natsu didn't answer. He didn't know how. "Daddy?" Finally Natsu spoke. "Luce...." His voice was so faint, so unlike him. He saw her stiffen. "What do you want?" Her voice was so cold, It made him flinch.

Natsu sank to his knees. He tried to grasp her hands. The best he could grab was just her blanket. She doesn't want me touching her. She's afraid of me. That broke Natsu to his very core. He fell down to his knees. "LUCY PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!!!!!" He wailed. tears poured down his face. "I'm sorry, Lucy. I'm sorry I didn't ask you first. I'm sorry I said all those things! I thought you loved Sting, I felt betrayed. I shouldn't have done what I did! I was just so, so jealous that I didn't bother doing anything besides hurtyou. I'm so sorry Lucy. I'll go now, I don't deserve to be here after what I did. Bye" He went from yelling to a quiet whisper. He slowly got up and walked to the door. Before he opened it her voice stopped him. "Why were you jealous? You didn't need be that way." He turned his body to face her, his head was downcast. He didn't deserve to look at her. "Because you kissed Sting." Was all he said. Lucy chuckled. "Natsu, I was dizzy from all those spankings. That only happened because I lost my balance. He tried to catch but instead we kissed. It was an accident, nothing more nothing less. Besides what really hurt me was what you did and said. I didn't sacrifice Aquarius for any other reason than to save you. I couldn't live with myself if i had walked out of that place without any of you. It hurt to lose her, but the pain of being the only survivor when I could've done something would've been worse." Lucy paused. "Natsu, look at me." Natsu refused, he heard a sigh then movement. Lucy placed her hand underneath his chin and lifted his head up to meet her eyes. "You were wrong when you said My dad didn't want me. He did. He loved before mom died. He just didn't know what to do when she was gone. That was what cut me the most. I wasn't unwanted, he just didn't know how to parent by himself. That's all." Lucy closed her eyes and went back to her bed. "Will you still be my partner?" Natsu asked. Lucy closed her eyes.

Lucy P.O.V

Lucy sighed. " I don't know, Natsu. What you said to me last night really hurt me. I know that since I joined the guild all you've done is rescue me. I know I put the guild in danger. I knew that. Yet everytime I tried to leave you would stop me. The fact that you said that to me, the pain was too much."Tears flowed down Lucy's cheeks. She knew what she had done to the guild. The fact that Natsu said it was what really hurt. He was their for her and stopped her from making stupid decisions. The fact that he said those words, it was too much. Her tears turned into full sobs. Her body was wracked with them. Arms encircled her waist. "I'm sorry, Lucy." Her shoulder was wet. She lifted her head up. Her eyes looked at Natsu. He was crying too! Then she turned her body in Natsu's arms. Her head went to his chest as she continued to cry. Natsu burried his face in her neck. Tears slid down both of their faces as they held each other, each feeling a saddness that eclipsed anything they had felt before. Her arms went around Natsu, her grip tight. His vest was crumpled in her fists. Natsu tightened his hold on her. "Luce, last night I had a nightmare before I went to your party." Lucy's eyes widened. He had never told her anything about his dreams. "What was it about?" She asked. His arms tightened round her again until she was pratically straddling his waist. "You. It was during you fight with Minerva. You were lying on the ground broken and bloody. I promised to protect you, yet I couldn't. The scariest part was I couldn't even tell if you were alive. I rushed you to the infirmary. Wendy was healing you, yet you weren't waking up. I remember crying, begging you to wake up. You never did. Lucy, I don't ever want to lose you like that. It would kill me. And once again I broke my promise. This time I hurt you. I'm very sorry, Lucy." Natsu stopped speaking. Lucy was shocked. She never knew of this promise, nor that his biggest fear was her dying on him. She smiled slightly. Now she knew why he acted like that. "It's okay, Natsu, I forgive you. Please look at me." Natsu hesitantly lifted his head from her neck. He looked at her. Lucy closed her eyes and kissed him! She pulled away. "I'm not going anywhere, Natsu. I promise to never leave your side." She was going to say more, however Natsu shushed any protests by kissing her this time. Lucy shut her eyes, wrapped her arms around his neck and tugged him closer to her. The kiss deepened and grew fiery. Natsu shifted until he was the one sitting on the bed while Lucy straddled his lap. They pulled away gasping for air. "I love you." They said at the same time.

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