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Warnings: Swearing

You could hear it in the silence.

You were in love.

True love.

"Hello? Y/n? You are in love!" your best friend and roommate Carly exclaimed. She was a tall Asian girl with brown eyes and long hair. You, her and a "few" of her friends were at the club/bar for Academy cadets. (yes my own name I'm so original.)

"What?" you asked, snapping out of your Kirk daydream.

"You are in love!" Carly sighed, rolling her eyes. "With Jim Kirk. And I totally ship you two."

"I am not," you denied. Not even Carly knew about your crush.

"Was that like, a Taylor Swift song?" Jules, a friend of Carly, asked.

"Yes! Jim and y/n, sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" one of the girls behind Carly teased. Her name was Angelica, and she was a redhead.

You groaned, annoyed by their efforts. "Why aren't you with Hikaru?"

"Karu's coming late. Didn't you get the group message?" Carly raised an eyebrow. "I sent it to everyone."

"Yeah, I left that a long time ago. I only know you, not all your command friends." You sigh. You were an science major, specializing in alien animals.

"Hey, I have a class with you, duh..." The only other girl you DID know, Sabrina, sighed. She was a complete bitch. How she had friends, you had no clue.

"Is it a girl's night out or can I crash the party?"

It was him. The one and only James Tiberius Kirk. Hopefully Carly would say no? Then again, she was friends with Jim. That was how you'd met him- through Carly.

"Nope. Join in, Jim!" she exclaimed, moving over to the side and grabbing his hand.

Kirk walked past you, smiling and leaning on some random wall. "Who's going home with me tonight?"

ME!!!! you screamed in your mind.

"Jim, we are hot. We have boyfriends who are not you." Sabrina folded her arms. She was actually in her longest relationship- 3 days. (She was more of a slut.)

"Oh! Roasted!" the entire group of girls exclaimed.

"Be nice to Jim!" Carly hugged him, brushing hair from her eyes. "I like him."

Wait, what? you thought. She would have told me. She's also more likely to get him anyways... But Carly wouldn't cheat- would she?

"You do? You have a boyfriend though." Kirk laughed, looking down at her. "Shortie."

That earned him a sharp elbow to the ribs. "Next time I'll kick you where it hurts most. Shut up."

"Damn," Kirk muttered, rubbing his shirt. "That hurt. Fine."

Suddenly your world fell apart. Carly kissed Jim Kirk. Full on the lips.

"What the hell?" Kirk asked, shoving her off. "What was that for?"

"Hey! You're the one wanting to get laid tonight. I'm just helping. Let's go, girls. I see Hikaru applauding in the corner." Carly folded her arms and walked off, leaving you two alone.

"What was that?" you asked.

Kirk sighed and muttered something.

"Huh?" you asked; even more confused.

"I like you and she knows it," Kirk looked down at the floor, which was not very interesting.

That's when it all made sense.

Carly squeezing Kirk to her left, right in front of you.

Kirk maybe staring at you?

Carly and her friends shipping.

"Really?" you asked, surprised.

"Yeah." Kirk answered, smiling. "Do you want to dance?"

"Yes. And for the record, I like you too." You took his hand in yours and walked out on the dance floor.

Tonight was a good night.

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