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She's like the wind

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Natsu ran through all of Magnolia looking for his partner. He was extremely worried about her. Guilt weighed him down, all of the things he did and said at her birthday party were uncalled for and cruel. But rage and another emotion fueled him. He hadn't really understood all that he had said to her until several people pummeled him last night. Only then did he realize the full weight of what he did to his partner.

*Flash Back to before the party*

The fire dragon slayer walked through Magnolia's park, the gift he made for his partner in the pocket of his pants. He was planning on waiting until Happy gave him the cue to head into the guild. Their plan was to surprise Lucy more than the surprise party. He was supposed to stay away from the guild long enough for her to notice his presence was missing. Natsu was hoping beyond hope that her reaction was better than when he saved her from that stupid salamander fake in Hargeon. His heart was pounding at the mere thought of seeing her beautiful face on her nineteenth birthday. A blush worked up on his face. Tonight I'm going to confess to her. I'm not gonna let anyone take her from me. The thought danced in his mind. Luce was his and no one else's. He protected her through everything, held her when she cried, and he was just their period. That was something that could never change. Natsu knew what it like to be left alone, that was something he tried his damndest to make sure his partner never felt. He'd make sure of it. I swear it on my life. With that his promise was sealed.

Natsu's feet carried him to Lucy's apartment. He climbed into her window and lay down on her bed. It wasn't even close to the time he planned on showing up. So, a little nap wouldn't kill anyone. Natsu shut his eyes and dosed off, his sleep was plagued from nightmares.

*Natsu's dreams*

Lucy stood in front of Natsu in the GMG arena. Her body was held out of the water sphere where she competed against Minerva. Her body was covered in blood, cuts, and bruises. She looked so lifeless, he couldn't even tell if she was breathing! Minerva released her grip on Lucy. She tumbled to the ground and landed in a bloody heap. Natsu lowered his head as tears poured out of his eyes, yet at the same time he was blinded by rage. He lifted his head up and ignited in flames, he glared at Sabertooth. "You. Hurt. Lucy!" He growled out.

Natsu moved to the other guild. However, a hand stopped him. He looked from the hand to the arm and person it was attached to. He was thoroughly shocked; Grey was holding him back. "Natsu, go get her and take her to the infirmary." The ice mage commanded. Natsu nodded his head, jumped off the railing, ran to Lucy, then picked her up bridal style. He ran to the infirmary, Wendy way ahead of him. Come on, stay with me Lucy. Natsu panicked in his head. He couldn't lose her too. Igneel was more than enough, of he lost her too, well, he doubted he would be sane long enough to say his goodbye's.

The fire dragon slayer crashed through the infirmary doors adn placed his girl on a bed. In an instant he gripped her hand while wendy went to healing. Please be okay, Luce. His thoughts chanted. He prayed with everything he had. His eyes shut, his forehead lay down on her abdoman. Tears slpped out of his eyes and landed on her skin. Please be okay. Please.

*End of Natsu's dream*

"Natzu!! It's time, hurry and get to the guild hall!" Happy snapped Natsu out of his dream. His father's face was wet with tears. Please be okay, Natsu. Once Happy thought it Natsu woke up. His eyes were dazed, then they locked with Happy's. "OKay, lets go." Hey hopped out of Lucy's be- after he fixed the blanket's and pillows- and then through the window. Happy on his trail. The two ran to the guild hall, Natsu's hand going into his pants pocket to make sure the present was still their, it was. At that time they reached the guild, with one push they opened. Natsu walked into the guild hall then froze stiff. Natsu's eyes widened. His Luce was kissing Sting. Ice flooded the fire dragon slayers blood, that was the first time he was cold. Something within him broke. His emotions took control. Oh, he was angry, yet the emotion wasn't the only one he felt: Rage and Jealousy flowed through his veins. Without even thinking he ran over and punched Sting, then pushed Lucy into her birthday cake. At that moment he wasn't the Natsu they knew, he was the dragon exacting revenge on those who betrayed him and the one who stole his mate.

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