Chapter 11

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Your P.O.V

Cassy was still asleep on my shoulder when we got to Scotland Yard. Lestrade had phoned her parents and told them we had found her and that she was on her way home. When we got to Scotland Yard there was loads of, yeah, cameras. I held Cassy tight and Sher took my hand and we ran into the station. When we got there we looked at each other and burst out laughing. Then we suddenly realised the matter at hand and quickly ran to Lestrade's office, to give her to her parents. She quickly woke up. It was the sweetist thing to see. "Momma?" , she questioned and her mum smiled and started crying. Cassy gave her a big cuddle. Sher and I realised we werent needed here, so we headed back to 221B. Lestrade said if i solved this case then i could have a few days off, provided there was no cases i was needed for. When we got back to 221B it was late so Sher just dropped me off at my room and gave me a quick sweet peck on the lips that made my stomach do flips. Someone cleared their throat behind us, snapping us out of the kiss. Sher groaned. I playfully slapped his arm and laughed. We turned around and there stood a man that i had thought I would never see again in my life. "Mycroft.", Sherlock stated. "Brother dear", the figure stated, "Y/N?", he continued." Mikey?", i questioned. I ran up to him and we hugged. Sher looked really confused. "Mikey and I were best friends in school", i said. Sher tilted his head to the side. "The one you got kicked out of", Mikey said. Sher nodded as if remembering. Sure i was younger than Mycroft but he was my best and only friend before i met Greg. "My deduction skills are telling me you two dont exactly get on so go inside before something happens", I said sternly and i opened the door. "Sit down whilst i go get changed", i said.

I walked into my room, bolted my door and changed into my favourite onsie.

I walked into my room, bolted my door and changed into my favourite onsie

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Its a stitch one, im such a child at heart. I let loose my curly hair and combed it so my curls looked neat. I walked back outside and sat next to Sher. He wrapped his arm round me and i cuddled close. Complete silence.

Y/N: Okay can someone please tell me whats going on here.

S: My brother decided to pay you a visit to see if you would spy on me for money.

M: Well when you put it like that Sherlock it sounds bad.

Y/N: It is bad! Im sorry Mikey I would never do something like that to Sher.

M: Sorry, i know it was bad but he doesnt exactly keep in contact that well Y/N.

Y/N: Okay well you guys can sit and talk, dont kill each other. Sher can you lock the door after you and slide the keys through the letterbox? Im shattered and i need to go sleep.

S: Sure dear.

Y/N: Okay night guys.

Sher and i gave each other a hug and kiss before i went off to my room, locked the door and went to sleep.

The last thing i heard was Mycroft and Sherlock talking about a family road trip tomorrow before i fell off into a deep slumber.

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