Lucy's Birthday

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Lucy sat up in her bed; her mind was foggy as to how she ended in her room at the Heartfilia manor. She closed her eyes slowly, letting her mind wake up. Then it hit her. The reason why she was at her old house. So cold and empty, not lively and warm. Closeing her eyes she remembered the events of the previous night.

*Flash Back*

Lucy stood up in front her full mirror, admiring the way her hair looked when curled. "Close, Gate of the Crab!" She chanted and cancer went away in a flash of golden light. At the moment she was draped in a fluffy pink robe- her favorite robe since Natsu burned her Fushia pink robe. Walking over to her wardobe she opened on of the doors and skimmed over her clothes until she found the one she wanted. The dress was gorgeous, but of course Lucy had to add to the amazing dress. She also pulled out Black leather booties, black knee high stockings, and a black light- extremely light- zipperless, three quater sleeve jacket. Then she pranced to her jewerly box and pulled out a blue infinity sign charm bracelet- gift from Levy- a red heart shaped necklace- gift from Natsu- and finished her jewerly with obsydian stars which was a gift from Erza. Oddly enough Grey was the one who bought her the dress, she had been eyeing it on one of their easier missions. How he knew her size she'd nev......WAIT, SHE KNEW HOW! The group always broke into her house. He must've gotten her size then.

Anyway, she dropped her robe and slipped on the dress- after her undergarnments were properly arranged. Next came the stocking and booties. The booties added about four inches to her height. Finally, she put on her jewerly. Once she was prepared- her makeup came next. The only thing she added was a matte blood red lipstick. Stepping back from the mirror she took in the full ensemble. The dress really stood out, what with the Red and blue flame design on it. It looked amazing on her. She looked beautiful. Tonight is the night I confess! That is my birthday wish: The courage to confess her love for the one man she had loved. With that she turned on her heel- I don't know she did and didn't fall on her ass, even though I'm the author of this- and walked out of her apartment.

At the Guild Hall

By the time Lucy reached the Guild Hall the sun had long set. Even though it was her birthday no one else knew. That's what she thougth at least before she opened the guild doors. Her eyes were met with confetti, fire display, and fire works with the typical "HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCY!!" The guild shouted. To say Lucy was suprised was understatement of the year. In fact her jaw was currently dancing on the floor and she herself was on the floor.! That was the only word that resonated in her mind. " you know?" The blonde asked once her jaw was back with her face. Mira stepped forward while Grey and Erza helped her stand up. The she demon smiled. "Master told us." Mira said, her usual smile amplified by 1000 watts. "Come on, Lucy!" Grey said as he hugged her. After he released her he took in her outfit. "You like the dress?" All Lucy could manage was a nod, once again falling into shock. "Lucy, hurry up, you're gonna miss your cake." Erza said, chuckling. That perked her right up. "Cake?!" She said excitedly. She hadn't had a cake for her birthday since her mother died! Erza answered by tugging her to the bar where one half was dedicated to the blonde's favorite foods while the other half was covered in gifts. "Wooooowww, you guys did all this?" Lucy asked while stars danced in her eyes and drool dripped out her mouth. This time a short blue haired female, followed by her protector, approached the birthday girl. "Of course, Lu chan! Even Gajeel pitched in!" Lucy in turn hugged everyone in the near vicinity of her. This included a very awkard moment with the iron dragon slayer as he had become iron. Either way he got a hug as well. (And yes in this his body can become an iron block, literally.)

The whole guild partied while Lucy made her rounds, her training as a debutant kicking in. She thanked every one and had a short conversation with each of them. By the time her rounds were done she noticed that their was one person missing. Where's Natsu? She thought. Lisanna was here, yet he wasn't. Lucy didn't know Lisanna as well, and vice versa, yet the one person she knew almost as well as she knew herself wasn't present. That kind of stung. Oh, who was she kidding?! It stung so much! Even though the feeling was drastic, she felt like she was back at the manor during her birthday. The one person she wanted their- her father- wasn't their, everyone else was, but not him. She felt like that now. So she acted on her question and walked up to the De....*Mira glares at Author Chan* matchmaker. "Hey Mira-" She was cut off by someone grabbing her around her waist and lifting her into the air. "Alright, as a Fairy Tail Tradition, IT'S TIME FOR THE BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS!" Grey's voice shouted beneath her while the whole guild erupted. "Nineteen people line up to give the birthday girl her spanking!" Erza shouted. Lucy couldn't tell who was in line but she counted the slaps to her booty. They were at number seventeen. Who's going to deliver the next two? Her question was answered when the guild doors opened. "Sorry we're late Mira, the train had to be repaired." Shouted the blonde master of sabertooth. Lucy threw her head up and saw Minerva and the twin dragons line up behind her. Minerva went first. The woman did not hold back at all. For the first time since the spanking started she yelped. Then came the twin dragon slayers. Both had one hand on each cheek, they pulled their arms back in unison, and let them rip. This time lucy almost screamed. Then, as if that wasn't enough, Sting began to play the booty drums. The blonde felt her face heat up as the guild laughed and teased the two.

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