message in the stars

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I was talking to the moon all last night

Asked how you were doin if you had gone on

He told me you hadn't thought about me in forever

You didn't care and you were with someone new

What was to do... he told me try like before

If the boy answers you will feel it in your heart

I turned to the messenger of the night sky, the stars

Asked them to tell you how much I love and miss you

They say you don't watch the stars though anymore

That you especially don't wait for their messages anymore

I thought love was real for us that we were different

What am I holding onto than does it matter

I'm trying so hard to go on to be stronger

But I get hooked on small things we use to smile about

They still make me smile but I cry as well from the pain

Wanting to forget all about you and hate you

But to regret the good that happened is pointless

I enjoyed you when you were around smiled all the time

I'll still love you when you're away because that is what love is

But I'm strong enough not to take you back unless you love as well

I'll tell myself everything is alright untill I believe it in my heart

I'll find someone better I'll just take longer than you...

I am trying to find something that last that i can hold on to...

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