I am your slave as you are my master

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I am your slave as you are my master...part 1

I was a poor girl with a foster family. I have long-wavy-black-hair, one eye red the other blue, I have pale skin, was about 5'3 tall, and my name is Estelle. Just Estelle, nothing more then that because I lost most of all my memories. Right now....I'm being hold as a slave and is going to be sold to someone soon. I see several kids here too. There crying for there moms and dads....even thought you might or never see them again. The owner who kidnap all of us is talking to a person, who may want a slave. The person was a man, is fat, had no hair, and wear loyal clothes. The owner started to work toward us as well as the other man. It look like one of us will be sold today. The fat man looked at all the young girls. He was interested to girl who had pretty faces. But the one he thought was pretty of all was Hino. She had beautiful long blonde, had blue eyes, perfect body, and was tall as me. The fat man talk to the shop owner. But then they started to have a argument. "No you can't have her!" yelled the shop owner. "Why...this is a slave shop so why can't I take the little girl." said the fat man. "Because she my slave!" the owner said. "Then how come you don't have a tag on her...all slave owner has to have a code on there slave and that girl doesn't have one so she not your slave." stated the fat man. The owner looked depressed and said "You can have her for $105,000." The fat man pay the owner and left with Hino. Hino didn't want to go. "Wait please Mr.Sam help me!!!!" as Hino scream as loud as she can. The owner name Mr.Sam turn his back to Hino. The kids started to cry more then ever. I for one didn't feel sad about this. My life was not long taken form me and that how I don't feel any emotion to this. It then started to get to night time. Mr.Sam sometime take one kid to sleep with him. It was mostly Hino but she gone. Mr.Sam look at the kids and finally pick one. It was me who he pick. I wasn't sure if I should go but he grab me and went to his room with me. He sat at the side of his bed and patted for me to sleep the other side. I got up and lay down to sleep. But the owner wanted to talk to me. "What do you want?" I asked. "How do you feel about being a slave." he said. I thought for a moment then answered "I don't feel bad about being a slave." He smiled a little then turn out the light and want to sleep. I did the same and went to sleep. The next day, another person come in but this one was different. He was wearing loyal black clothes, had long black hair, his eyes were gold, and he had pale skin. But I can't see his face that much because of his hat that blocking half of his face. He was talking to the Mr.Sam. "Well let see what kind of slave you have here." as the man walk toward us. He looked at every kids here but he stop in front of me. I looked at him but his hat was blocking his face. The man then grabbed my chin and move my face to each side. He then let go and smiled. But his smile to me show some sharp teeth or....fangs. "I'll take that one." as he pointed to me. "She will be for $160,123" said the owner. He pay the owner and grab me. We want out the place and into a car. I was push in and forced to sit right as we left. The man who brought me was holding me close to him. I was just staring at him and he just order the diver to go. We got to his house, which was like a haunted house. He grab me and walk me to the door, a butler open it and said "Hello young master." "Master?" I thought. "Hello Sebastian." said the master. He walk in and give Sebastian his coat and hat. The butler looked at me and said "Is this your meal sir?" "Oh yes it is." reply the master. "Meal?" I thought again. I fellow the master to his chamber and he locked the door as I enter. "Well it my meal time." said the master as he took he shirt off. He had muscles that for sure. He walk toward me and put his hand on my neck. "Looks tasty." as he lick his lips. He pull off a little piece of my shirt that block my neck. "Well time to eat." as he put his fangs on my neck. "Ah!" I cried. I could feel his sharp teeth biting me. He was also sucking my blood. "Ah......it hurts...." I still cried. I grab his back and took the pain. He was sucking most of my blood and my vision was getting blurry too. "a...hh...." I cried the last time and pitch black it went. I waked up in a bed, which I didn't remember being here at all. The door open and it show Sebastian. "Oh you are awake miss." Sebastian said. I nodded to him and got off the bed. "Miss there is new clothes over there, when you are done please come to the diner." as he left. I got the new clothes. There were a simple red dress that reach my knee and red ribbon. I didn't want to use the ribbon so I left it there. I want downstairs but almost felled. "You shouldn't be walking this early after what happen last night." said the master. I stared at him. "So last night was not a dream." I thought. He smiled and grab me. "Let get you to eat something." as he guide me to the diner. I sat next to the master. He just smiled at me....weird. "Here is you food." as Sebastian hand me a plate of eggs and bacon. I eat while the master watched me. "Well it look like I drink too much of your blood that you fainted on me last night but your blood does taste good." smiled the master. I stop eating and asked him "Who are you or WHAT are you?" The master smiled and said "My name is Alexander Kuran and I'm a vampire as well is your master." as he eyes glowed red. I was bought by a vampire and now is his slave forever....

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