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Hey boy, I fell in love with you

I will never let you go for anyone.

You've turned my world right side up.

Your words are warm and never let go.

You have a hold on my heart.

I want you for more than forever.

I'd do practically anything for you.

Hold me tight and never let go.

I will be here when you need me.

Just promise you will want me.

Your handsome smiles make me melt.

my eyes are opened to you.

I went through pain to get to you.

You wash away hate with your kisses.

I put a barricade up but you broke through.

My defenses surrender and I'm yours.

Hey, boy I fell for you hard.

Put stars in my eyes and dreams in my head.

I am yours forever if you are mine.

I need you now I can't do without.

Our world of love spins round.

I fell for you so hard boy.

You take my pain and heal me.

Love is all I ask and you give it all.

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