Slipping away

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Oh boy I've been so stupid. I let you play my heart.

I watched it all, the games, the girls and the lies.

You did the fights, the drugs, you are so lost.

Cried my heart out so many nights for you,

But for what a boy that couldn't care.

Thought once you had my heart I couldn't get it back,

So silly of me. Of course I can take it back, it's mine.

You can't take a heart and not give one.

My heart was never home in your hands.

Just didn't feel the slow stab of your knife sinkin' in.

I won't cry one more night for you, not one.

You have nothin' on me, that will make me come back.

You aren't worth my time of day, not a second chance.

You played me well, you played me once,

but I am done with all these little games.

I won't watch you destroy yourself,

I have so much more to live for, much more.

Don't come running back to me. I don't want you.

I not waiting, I am gone. Waiting was a waste.

Don't want another word rolling off your lips.

I have been so blind you say. Really? Have I?

You say I know nothing. But how can that be so?

Can someone not know what is laid before them?

I am done with your lies, cheating, and games.

But most of all I am done with you.

I am slipping away no need to look back.

No one is waiting for you anymore.

The crying has stopped not a tear is rolling down.

I am long gone, I've passed mountains and oceans.

More than slipped away I ran and didn't look back.

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