Chapter 29 {Technicality}

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Sky's POV
We all go outside, dragging Mitch with us. Well everyone but Max and Ross. Ross doesn't want to wake Max up and Max is practically using Ross as a bed.
Walking out to the pond outside, we set the unconscious Mitch down in it.
"Okay so how will this work?" Asks Jin "The book just says use your healing powers." I say "Maybe if both you and Shelby put your hands in the water?" Says Aphmau "Sounds right to me." Says Cory shrugging "Alright the let's get to it!" Says Shelby.
Jin and Shelby kneel down next to the pond, stick their hands in the water, close their eyes, and concentrate. "What are we suppose to find?" Asks Shelby "Darkness." Answers Cory shuddering a little "You okay man?" I ask "Yeah I'm fine." Answers Cory.

Ross's POV
I sigh as the others walk out "I thought I was the little bro." I mumble to myself "You are the little bro." Answers Max "Wait you're awake?!?" I ask "Yup!" Chirps Max "So why are you still laying on me then?" I ask "I don't know." Says Max. I just sit there silent.
"I love you cause you mah brudah Ross." Says Max "Yeah yeah." I say "Do you love me as your brudah?" Asks Max "I guess." I mumble "Yay!" Says Max finally getting off of me and running outside.
"No wait Max!" I shout.

Sky's POV
I see Max and Ross run out here "Ohh the water's glowing!" Says Max "Hey Max." I say "Hi!" He says waving "How much longer until the poison's effect wears off?" Asks Ross "To the end of this day." Says Aphmau.
We all turn to look to see now Mitch is glowing "Should this happen?" Asks Red "I don't know, the book doesn't specify." Says Aphmau searching through the book.
Finally the glowing stops, Jin and Shelby take a step back and sit down. Jin uses his powers to pull Mitch to shore and dry him off.
"That was awesome!" I say. Mitch's eyes slowly open and he groans "Ugh what happened..." He mutters looking around. He looks around at us "Heh hey sorry about all the stuff I put you through." Says Mitch "It's okay, the entity controlled you." Says Red holding a hand for Mitch to stand up. He takes it and gets up "How did you guys cure me anyways?" Asks Mitch "Oh this book said if we mix the Water and Life healing we might be able to cure insanity." I say.
"It was glowing!" Says Max throwing his arms in the air "Poison?" Asks Mitch "Poison." Says Jin looking up from the ground.
"Hey Jin do you still have enough energy?" Asks Shelby "For what?" Asks Jin "For freeing Cory from his insanity." Answers Shelby looking at Cory. We all look at him. "Are you going to do it?" I ask "Well why not?" I say shrugging "Okay, you ready Jin?" Asks Shelby "Yup!" Says Jin cracking his knuckles.
Cory walks in the water as Shelby and Jin place their hands in it. Everything goes smoothly. Then Cory starts to glow. It quickly turns to a black glow and everyone starts to freak out. We all get blinded by blackness.
When we regain our vision we see Cory's necklace laying in the water "Where did Cory go?!?" I ask "I-I don't know?!?" Says Shelby "Did we do something wrong!" Shouts Jin "Well this is a technicality." Says Red.
Max seems to be the only calm one and grabs Cory necklace showing it to us.
Light reflects off it for a split second showing Cory then disappearing. "No way is Cory trapped in that thing!" Exclaims Shelby "I think so." Says Red "I know how to get him out." Says Mitch.

Max's POV
Everyone kept saying I was acting weird. They're the weird ones. I see Mitch be cleansed then they try it for Cory. It fails. I grab his necklace and see him trapped in it "I know how to get him out." Says Mitch.
We walk back inside everyone sits on the ground except me and Ross. We sit on the couch.
"So how do we save him?" Asks Jin as I slip the necklace on my neck "Well first we...." I hear before drifting off into a slumber.

Ross's POV
"Well first someone has to wear the necklace and fall asleep." Says Mitch. I feel Max fall asleep on my shoulder and look to see him wearing the necklace "Really!" I exclaim. Everyone else looks over and widen their eyes. "Well first step down... I guess." Says Mitch "Now what?" Asks Sky "Now we hope Max knows what to do." Answers Mitch "How is Max supposed to know what to do?" Asks Shelby "Yeah he went in there with no information!" Says Aphmau "I think he'll find out what to do, beside he's not stupid." I say "But the poison is still in effect!" Says Jin "The poison warps the way you act, in a dream you aren't affected by those things." I answer "Hmm I never thought of that." Says Red "Well that does make sense, the poison makes you act like something your not but in a dream you would act like yourself." Says Jin "But wouldn't the poison still mess with your brain regardless?" Asks Aphmau
"Nah I think the real Max will show up in the dream." I say repropping Max up so he doesn't fall off the couch. Max just falls over on top of me again, making us both fall on the floor.
"You just can't catch a break can you Ross?" Asks Sky "Nope." I answer sighing but smiling slightly.

Max's POV
I feel myself fall asleep on Ross. I wake up to see darkness all around me. In front of me I see Cory, who is now wearing his mask again. He's sitting in the ground, his head hanging down so I can't see his face, and one of his arm in the air but his hand is hanging down like his face. It has a red string tied around his wrist.
I run up to Cory and try to shake him awake "Hey man you okay?!?" I ask frantically.
Behind him I see the entity simply smiling at me. I freeze and see the entity raise Cory's head. I see a trail of tears streaming down from under his mask where his left eye is "What the hell have you been doing to him!?!" I shout standing up to stare at the thing.

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