Chapter 5~Dark Night

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Sorry the last chapters were kinda boring but it's getting better. Tell me how I'm doing/how you like it!

Sarah's POV
Toni asked me to help him with his homework, even if I wasn't smart I was older than him which he thinks I'm better at academics either way. "So when you look at 2/5 = blank/10 you have to do the same thing you did with the bottom to the top "so if 10 is half of 5 then 4 is half of 2?" "Correct!" As I said with excitement. "Can I take a break? we've been doing this for an hour" asked Toni."okay you can take a break then we'll finish it then to social studies" I took my phone out and started looking on Instagram "Sarah, have you been having weird dreams since we've been here?" Asked Toni "yes I have, what's yours about?". When he started explaining it sounds the exact same thing.. The beam,amulet,vampires and their hunters.. "I've been having the exact same dream as you!" "Maybe this house is haunted!" Said Toni ready to scream. "No it's not, maybe it's something else". he started jumping on the bed and running around his room like a vampire.. I swear he's still a 1st grader. But something came in through his window, it looked black then it went into the fire place. Things are not looking good..

Toni's POV
Sarah is helping me with my first few assignments for school which is all the boring subjects. She at least tries to help me but if I don't get it she just gives me the answer. She let me take a break which my head started to hurt less than it did before. I didn't know if I wanted to talk to her about the dreams that keep happening to me but I'm closer with her rather than mom and dad. After I told her it she had the exact same dream too. I'm getting scared if this house is normal or not. So I tried to lighten it up by acting like a vampire but something blew in from my window and landed in my fireplace. It must be a piece of paper.. Right?

Rudolph's POV
Another night I was flying around, looking for a place to hang from but then I saw rookery and his truck (vampire hunter) he flashed a bright light at me then I flew off but he kept following me flashing the light at me. I took a turn and he was finally gone. I went past a house and saw a boy around his room that looked like a brother and his sister on the bed so I snook in to reach help.

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