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Chapter One

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Chapter One

Nina's POV

I was fifteen when I entered as a freshman at Rio International School in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. When I took the entrance exam, I was aiming to get a high score in order to be in the pilot or first section, where the smartest students belong.

"You have to get a 90 plus score in your entrance exam, so you will be in the first section." My sister, Claudia, kept on telling me. "I only got 87, that's why I was in the second section in my first year and got stuck in it 'til my senior year. Being valedictorian in grade school didn't help me at all."

Claudia just graduated high school at Rio International School. She had a "Type A Personality". Outgoing, ambitious, impatient, and highly status conscious. Just like Papa. She was going to study in a university in Chicago to take up Business Administration.

"Claudia, you don't have to pressure your sister. Nina is a very smart girl, she can nail it. She was also a Valedictorian in grade school." My Papa, Luiz Fernando Peres, one of the wealthiest businessmen in Brazil, defended me but it just escalated my fear.

When I took the entrance exam at Rio International School, there were almost fifty incoming freshmen in a classroom. It was seven-thirty in the morning, my hands were shaking that I could not concentrate.

A dark-haired cute teenage boy with amazing blue eyes was seated next to me. He was tapping his pencil on his desk. Although it was not so loud, it distracted my concentration.

"Hey, what's your answer in number 2?" He asked me but I ignored him.

The nerve! Asking questions during the entrance exam. He'll get me in trouble. I pretended not to hear him. I did not want to be scolded by the examiner and be humiliated in front of everyone.

"Pretty girl, what's your answer in number 13?"

What is wrong with him? He's so annoying, asking questions. He's cute and yet so dumb. I ignored him again, pretending that I didn't hear him. I was hoping that he would stop asking for the answers.

It was a two-hour exam, more of an IQ test and abstract reasoning. After an hour of answering the questionnaires, my stomach gurgled. I became so hungry. I remembered that I had not eaten my breakfast because I was almost late. Luckily, I was able to grab a chocolate milk box from the fridge and put it in my bag.

The examiner allowed us to eat in the classroom. So, I took my chocolate milk and sipped on it hungrily. I almost drank the whole thing when I realized that the taste was so sour. I looked at the expiry date at the top of the box. My gosh! Two months expired already. I tried not to throw up during the remaining time of the exam. Luckily, I was able to hold it.

The moment I submitted my answer sheet, I grabbed my bag and ran to the ladies' room. Unfortunately, I collided with someone delaying my urgent situation.

"Hey, what's the hurry, pretty girl?" The same teenage boy seated beside me during the exam asked. I could not help but stare at him. He was not only cute but also strikingly gorgeous. Tall, lean with an athletic body. Suddenly, I was stunned, and I could not move.

"Still pretending not to hear me? Such a waste, a deaf mute with a pretty face." He chuckled.

Wait. Did he just call me deaf mute then laugh at me? He was salty that I did not give him the answers to the exam. It was not my fault that he was a dumbass.

My anger escalated from zero to one hundred percent real quick. I was about to lecture him with good manners and right conduct when suddenly, my stomach gurgled, and nausea hit me. The worst thing happened. I was not able to hold on to my vomit any longer and threw up over his shirt.

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