Post Game Celebration

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We won the game, completing an undefeated season. We stayed in our uniform and headed to Marges house, where we are a lot of pizza and soda.

Marge had an indoor pool and we all wanted to jump in. I didn't bring a suit though because I didn't know she had a pool. All of the other girls brought one. Marge said I could borrow one of hers. I was skeptical but she convinced me that it was just us girls, so I accepted. I put on the one piece suit she handed me. I was going to put my shorts over it but I remembered they were school issued and I didn't want to be charged for the fading that chlorine would cause. Instead, I walked out and found Marge. I convinced her to let me borrow a pair of hers because her parents might get mad if my boy part was exposed. She agreed and found me a pair of purple shorts that said dance on the but. She told me that I looked cuter without them though.

I decided not to risk it and wore them instead.

I walked back to the pool, where my team was all swimming. They made a big deal about my swimming apparel and told me how cute it was. I was fine wearing it in front of my team though.

Unlike the girls on the A team, I trusted my teammates. I ate lunch with them everyday and we have gotten to know each other pretty well. I knew things about them and they knew things about me.

We had a good time swimming. I wasn't a strong swimmer but I was good enough to enjoy myself.

After the pool, we all took turns showering and changing into our pjs. I figured we would be up for a while so I left my Goodnite in my bag. But that is when I realized I didn't pack any boxers, so I was forced to wear my panties.

I went back downstairs and hung out with the girls. They say and talked about their crushes and asked me about mine. I didn't want to admit that I was sitting right next to mine.

Instead I said that I didn't like anyone. They kept prodding but I stayed true to my answer.

Eventually it was midnight and we got ready for bed. I took my bag and went to the bathroom. I took off my panties and slid on my Goodnite. I headed back downstairs and found my resting place for the night.

It was on the floor next to Teresa. After a few minutes, Teresa kicked me. "Hey are you still up?"

I was.

"I am freezing" she complained to me. I told her that I was actually pretty warm. She was wearing a nightie, so she said even with her blanket, her legs were freezing.

She asked if she could wear my pants. I told her that I needed them and she argued that I said I was warm. Of course, I didn't need them to stay warm, I needed them to cover myself.

"Oh come on, we all know you wear girls underwear..." She argued.

"I'm not wearing panties" I argued back.

She sighed, "don't lie, we all saw your panty lines under your PJs"

I got nervous, if they saw my panty lines, did that mean they could see the outline of my Goodnite?"

"Besides your blanket will cover you up." She kept begging.

I thought about it. It would be really dumb to give her my pants, right? Risk the possibility that they see me in a Goodnite. But they were my friends, so they wouldn't say anything, even if they did find out.

Under my blanket, I slid off my pants and handed them to Teresa. She thanked my and I watched as she put them on.

I woke up and some of the girls were already up, some were still sleeping. I was still under my covers. Some of the girls got up and headed to the living room.

"Are you coming?" One of them asked.

"No I'm going to wait here, maybe fall back asleep."

Really I was just waiting for Teresa to wake up. I laid back down and ended up falling asleep.

When I woke back up, Teresa wasn't in her bed. A few girls were still sleeping but I knew the others were in the living room. Doing my best to stay under the covers, I searched Teresa's area for my pants. No luck.

What now? I waited until somebody else got up, it was Bri. I told her to tell Teresa to bring me my pants.

When Teresa entered the room, she still had my pants on. She slid them off and tossed them my way but they landed a little short.

I just watched them and I just stared at them. Hoping to get her to leave, I thanked her. She said, "no thank you"

She stayed there, so I stayed under my covers. "So are you just going to lay there?" She questioned.

"I'm waiting for you to leave..." I answered honestly.

"Fine" she said walking away.

I got up, I was actually dry. I decided to change back into my panties and hid my Goodnite in my bag. I put my pants back on. Luckily nobody woke up when I was changing.

I went out to the living room and waited for Kelly's parents to pick us up and take us home. Overall, I felt like the sleepover was a success.

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