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~ Love Maya

Maya's P.O.V. 

I applied the last bit of mascara and stepped back from the mirror. Finally, after two hours of getting my hair perfect and my makeup just right, I was finally ready to go to the Ball. My hair was curled, and  parted to the right side. I had to make sure it stayed like that, so I sprayed some of my favorite Hairspray that smelled like Lemons. My makeup was just the right color, and since surprisingly I didn't have any pimples, I was clear. 

I strapped on my black one inch heels. Considering that I was a rather clumsy person, I decided to play it safe. Their design was impecible with its black straps that zig-zagged over my foot until they finally buckled at the back. I sat down on the couch and waited for the guys to come out in their  tuxedos. 

The door opened and my heart pounded. God, they just looked so amazing. They grinned and I pulled myself off the couch brushing down my dress ruffles, I hope I wasn't overdoing this. I mean, I've never really been to a "Ball" before. Heck, I didn't even go to my own school formal. Mostly because I wasn't asked, and because it would be awkward for me to go. 

Louis walked over to me, smirking as he strolled right onnext to me. "Shall we go, date?" He asked,  offering his hand.

Catching the attention of the cheeky chap behind him, I felt myself blushing. "Wait, date?" Niall asked spinning around looking shocked. I looked at him to see his eyes furrowed, just like they had been yesterday. Something was strange.

"Yes, Maya is my date." Louis said proudly, pulling me close to him so that I was leaning against his rather large chest. 

Now the curly haired boy stormed over, crossing his arms next to Niall. "Since when?" Harry now asked, becoming rather displeased himself. 

I was a little nervous at first, Harry with his foot tapping angrily, Louis with his hand right around me, and Niall practically about to combust. "Since I just asked her." Louis laughed still holding me tight against him. 

"Does she even want to go with you?" Niall shot back, now stepping closer to where Louis and I were.

"What Niall said, you aren't the head alpha here." Harry said playing it cool like Niall. In this moment my head was spinning. I was the only thing seperating Harry and Niall from Louis, and I felt like if I were to move, something bad would happen.

I coughed. "I don't want to choose one." I said, trying my best to lower the tension. I looked and Liam and Zayn for help. I honestly didn't know who I wanted to take, I would rather not go with any of them, as it would cause to big of a commotion. 

Taking charge, Liam came walking over to the lads. "I have an idea." He said, patting their hands down and turning to me. "Take them all."

Thank god for Liam. "Yes, that woudl be lovely." I said cheerfully. I turned to the boys who were still staring at each other. "What do you say guys?"

They boys looked at each other and shrugged. Great, now we are all on good terms. But Louis did ask me first, so I gradually took his arm and he led me out to the Limo.  The drive wasn't long, but the whole time I felt my body shaking. "I'm nervous." I mumbled playing with my fingers. 

I felt warmth rush to my hand as someone placed theirs on mine. "Don't be, we will be right beside you the whole time." Niall said with a smile. Niall and I had been getting better at talking to each other since that whole awkward Ferris Wheel moment. Surprisingly, he shakes it off like it never happened.

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