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michel: wakey wakey

luke 😌💖: what do you want it's 3 am

michel: i just wanted to talk to my favourite budyd ):

luke 😌💖: well let your favourite buddy sleep

luke 😌💖: also go to sleep yourself

michel: fine

20 minutes later

luke 😌💖: i can't go to sleep

michel: me neither

michel: why can't you?

luke 😌💖: idk you woke me up so i can't go back to sleep

luke 😌💖: what about you?

michel: insomnia sigh

luke 😌💖: aw, i'm sorry):

michel: don't apologise, it's not your fault

luke 😌💖: i know, i just feel bad

luke 😌💖: i know you can beat it

luke 😌💖: you're a strong person michael

michel: thanks luke (':

luke 😌💖: no problem ((:


luke 😌💖: banging your head against the wall burns 150 calories an hour

michel: time to do some exercise!!

luke 😌💖: no don't leave):

michel: i was just joking, i never exercise

luke 😌💖: yeah i bet

michel: i stg i don't

luke 😌💖: ok

luke 😌💖: anyways, since we barely know about each other, why don't we get to know each other?

michel: how?

luke 😌💖: idk how do you want to?

michel: we can ask each other questions i guess

luke 😌💖: ok you begin first

michel: what's your favourite colour?

luke 😌💖: blue

michel: green

luke 😌💖: what's your favourite band?

michel: good charlotte

luke 😌💖: twenty one pilots

michel: what instruments do you play?

luke 😌💖: guitar and i sing a bit

michel: guitar, piano, and i sing a bit also

luke 😌💖: how old are you?

michel: 19

luke 😌💖: 17, turning 18 in a few days

michel: are you a virgin?

luke 😌💖: MICHAEL

michel: what?

michel: fine

michel: have you ever had your first kiss?

luke 😌💖: no

michel: no, but will you volunteer to be the first ? (;

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