The First Night

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That night, I stayed up later because Aunt Becky wanted to know how we did. She didn't usually get home until after our bedtime so today she allowed us to stay up later.

When she got home I told her how well we did and she was proud. But eventually we were sent to bed.

That night I had a dream. We were back at our volleyball game. We were playing and all of a sudden, the football players started chanting from the stands "Panty Boy! Panty Boy!"

I looked down, my shorts were gone. I was playing in just my underwear. I started to tear up and sprinted to the locker room. Kelly was in there.

"Don't be a crybaby, go out there and play." She said.

"I need pants" I replied.

She took off her volleyball shorts and handed them to me. She was now standing in panties that looked like mine. She grabbed my hand and led me out of the locker room.

We came back out and the spotlight blinded us. We were now both wearing just our jersey and panties.

"Kiss, kiss, kiss" the crowd chanted.

"Wake up!" Aunt Becky said, I snapped out of my dream. I realized my sheets were wet and it didn't take long for her to notice either.

She had me go to the bathroom and change. I couldn't tell what the substance was but it wasn't urine. It was white.

I just needed to change. I took a shower, balled my clothes up, threw them in the hamper, and got ready for school.

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