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"hey Babygirl."

I felt a pair of arms make their way around my waist.

I closed my locker, then turned around. my eyes met with a pair of hazel brown eyes.

"what do you want, Kevin?" I asked harshly, rolling my eyes.

"you." he said, stepping in closer.

"why would I get with you, after what you did to me?" I backed away.

"baby, please forgive me." he stepped in closer, again.

I sighed and looked down at the pearly-white floors, of the empty school hallway.

I felt his hands, tighten around my hips, as he pinned me against the lockers.

his lips...

only centimeters away from mine.

his head moves to the side of my face.

"think about it." he whispers into my ear, giving me the chills.

he then lets me go, and walks alway.

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