Game Day

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Over the next few weeks, the teasing didn't get much better but at least there wasn't any physical violence. The worst thing is that every morning my locker would have a pair of panties taped to the front of them. I could live through it because of all of the new friends I made on my team. I was by far the best player on the B team now.

Eventually it was game day and I got all dressed up. I even wore a tie. Our first game was a road game a few minutes away. We took a bus and I followed my team towards the locker room. Coach pushed me inside and led me to a side office.

She put the blinds down and pulled something out of her bag. It was our uniform. We had a orange uniform top and black shorts, along with black knee pads. Coach then left the room and told me she would come get me when it was safe to leave. I changed into my rainbow panties and new uniform and waited.

Eventually coach came and got me. All of the girls were dressed like me except one who had a different color top.

"Alright girls, today is the big day. If we go out there and do what we have been practicing, we will do alright."

It wasn't very motivational but whatever. We lined up and went to the court to warm up. There was a small crowd gathered. I felt blood rushing to my face, I totally forgot about crowds. Luckily, since we were the B team, there wasn't going to be any huge crowds, just parents mostly and a few students of the school.

I was nervous but after the first serve, I settled in. Of course a few of the student fans figured out i was a boy and began to heckle me, but it wasn't worse than what I've already heard.

We ended up winning in 3 sets. I heard a parent tell that it wasn't fair because they had a boy on their team. But after the game we went back and changed, we then watched the A team.

They were good but ended up losing in the final set. Most girls parents picked them up so we weren't taking the bus back. I had already arranged to ride home with Kelly and her parents. They thought it was weird that I played but tried not to be judgmental.

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