7. Hands On

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The sand was white, the water blue. That was the first glimpse I had of Scarborough beach and I couldn't wait to get down there.

"Careful Mia, the sand....."

"Oh shit!" I shouted as my feet sunk into the burning hot sand and I started doing that silly dance that people who are having their feet burnt off do. Jay threw a towel down and I gratefully stepped on it, waiting for my feet to cool off a little.

"I tried..."

"I know, I know." I said, my eyes looking towards the inviting water.

As all desperate people do, I shuffled along on my towel, making the distance in a little over 5 minutes, shrieking with excitement as I finally made it to the water.

Wasting no time, I flung my singlet and shorts onto the dry sand and ran into the water, the sound of Jays laughter ringing in my ears.  I turned to look at him as I surfaced, just in time to watch his muscles flex as he drew his tshirt over his head in that way that guys do, grab from the back and over the head. 

"Jesus Christ."  I muttered as he threw his shirt down and strode towards me, the look in his eyes indicating he was on a mission.  One that I wasn't yet aware of.

"Fuck Mia." He said as he reached me. "Do you have any idea how fucking sexy you look right now?"

"I...uh...I..." I had nothing.

"You in that barely there fucking bikini, gliding out of the water....fuck!" He muttered as his hands reached for my hips, his thumbs rubbing against my skin.

I quickly scanned the empty beach and pulled my body against his, the waist deep water helping to wrap my legs around his waist. He strode further in as his lips made contact with mine and as always his tongue licked my lips demanding entry to my mouth.

I loved how forceful he was, how he always made it clear what he wanted, how he always expected to get what he wanted, how he got it.

As the water became deeper, his hands moved up my sides, his thumbs now rubbing the sides of my breasts.

"There's not much material here baby." He whispered as I watched his fingers trace the edge of the triangles of my bikini top.

I gripped his shoulders to hold myself in place as he continued. He was right, I had to buy a size to fit the bottom, the top having to be a tad small due to my breast size.

He slowly edged the fabric over until it only covered my puckered nipple, the ample flesh of my breasts exposed. 

"I'm at a loss."  He said as he shook his head. 

"Meaning?"  I asked anxiously. 

"I want to see you, but I don't want any other fucker here to."   He answered possessively.

"There's no one else here babe." I said in my still husky voice and I felt his reaction between my thighs.

"In that case...." He began as he slowly pushed the black fabric aside to expose my nipples. "I guess I can see what I want."

His thumbs brushed over my nipples making them even harder. "Jesus Mia." He growled before lowering his head and in turn taking them into his mouth.

"Jay..." I moaned, throwing my head back, my nails digging into his shoulders as he pushed my bottoms to the side to sink his fingers inside me.

"I need you Mia, take these fucking things off."

There was no arguing with him, what he wanted, I craved. So, I released my legs and drew my bottoms down my legs, holding them tightly in my hand.

I loosened his shorts and pushed them down before wrapping myself back around him. I felt his erection growing and rubbed myself against him as he continued sucking my nipples.

"You okay?"

"Yes." I whispered. "I feel like we're the only people in the world." His beautiful smile made me wet all over again.

His mouth was back on my nipples, sucking, biting and licking as his fingers slid inside me.

"Jay, please. Oh god, please." I'd lost all sense of where we were, all I could think of was having his cock inside me, feeling the pleasure that only he could give me.

He brought his hands to my hips and lowered me onto his rock hard dick.

"Aahhh." He growled his pleasure as I moaned out mine.

I had never had sex in this position, let alone been naked in a public location, but once again my body responded to him.  I can't imagine denying him if this was my reward.

Holding his shoulders I began to raise and lower myself, Jays hands gripping my thighs and supporting my weight. 

The waves were lapping around us, the hot sun beating down and from the corner of my eye I saw someone walking along the beach, heading our way. 

"Jay, there's someone...." 

"Don't stop baby."  He gripped my thighs tighter as he thrust quicker, his raspy breaths matching mine as we drew closer to release.

The person on the beach was soon forgotten as I threw my head back and cried out Jays name. Resting my head on his shoulder, he gently kissed my cheek before whispering "You asked me what I expected of you Mia.  Just this, just keep sharing yourself with me."  I kissed his neck in response.


"I guess I should tell you a bit about my family." He sounded almost hesitant and I wondered why.

We were sitting out by the pool and Jay was adjusting the umbrella to give us some much needed shade. Taking a seat beside me his ran his hands over his face as he took a deep breath.

"You're making me nervous." I half joked and he reached for my hand.

"I'm the youngest of 3." He began. "Megan is 40 and Amanda is 41." 

"Wow, you're close in age." 

He smiled.  "Yeah we are, it made for an interesting childhood.  Can you imagine what it was like when they were teenagers and got their period at the same time?"  He groaned and I laughed. 

"Are you close?" 

"We used to be.  Megan and I still are." 

"Which one is getting married?" 


"She lives in London then?" 

"Yeah, she's been there for about 4 years now. She spent a lot of time in America, then moved to London with her now fiancé Tim.  Tim Rothe."

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