I woke up hearing Amauri crying. That girl never shuts up. She’s 9 now and is a spoiled brat. I’m 16 and in the 11th grade. I’m a rapper, but I sing somewhat. My dad’s mad ‘cause I don’t wanna sing like him so he don’t bother to listen to my music. It hurts ‘cause I look up to him. He inspires me not only with music but in dancing. I mean, he raps sometimes, so why can’t I?

I rolled out of bed and headed for the shower, getting ready for the day.


“Amauri! Stop all that crying! Be a big girl!”, I yelled from the kitchen. She was sitting in the living room, pouting about Spongebob being gay. I mean, hey.. I already knew that so I wasnt that devistated.

Chris walked in the door, dangling his keys as he looked over at Amauri, “What’s wrong with her?”

“He’s gayyy! Ahhh!”, Amauri cried out, pointing at the TV.

Chris bursted into laughter, “Shiiit I could’ve told you that!”

“That’s what I said. Over-dramatic ass”, I mumbled as I flipped over the pancakes and sausages,

She rolled her eyes, “You guys are so mean! You could’ve told me that!”

“Yeah whatever, but what do your friends think about you being a cry baby?”, Chris asked as he sat down on the couch by the window.

She sat next to him, “I don’t know. I don’t have any friends..”

“Awww! Sweetie!”, I squealed with my hand over my mouth. I felt sorry for her.

Chris shot me a Shut up look then turned back to Amauri, “Have you ever thought that maybe it’s because you cry too much?”

“No.. I guess I didn’t think about that”, she said, her head hanging low.

He wrapped his arm around her and she layed her head on his shoulder, “Well maybe if you be a big girl and not cry so much, you’ll have more friends. Can you be a big girl?”

She already big, I thought. I mean seriously, she’s too old to be acting like that. He spoils her too damn much! I shook my head as I put the pankcakes and sausages on a plate.

“Yess..”, she said in a kiddy-like voice.

He poked her stomach and she let out a laugh, “Aight now go help yo mama in the kitchen.”

“Ok!”, she said excitedly, getting up and walking into the kitchen. He looked at me and mouthed I’m good as he smiled then turned back towards the TV, flipping through channels. I rolled my eyes and smiled. She came beside me and started to pour everyone glasses of orange juice.

I set the plate of food down, “Breakfast is ready!” Chris made his way over to the table as Amauri set the glasses at each plate. I heard foot steps coming down the stairs, “Hey sleepy head.”

“I wasn’t sleep, I was taking a shower”, Junior said as he made his way over to us and took a seat.

I shrugged, “Well okay. Chris say grace.” Chris peeked up from his fork of food he was about to put in this mouth, wide-eyed. He set the fork down and reached out to grab me and Amauri’s hand while I grabbed Junior’s and he grabbed Amauri’s.

“Bow your heads, close your eyes”, he said. We all bowed out head in unison, slowly closing our eyes and waited for him to begin. “Lord, we just want to take the time out to thank you for blessing is with this food we are about to intake. You woke us up this morning and we are forever grateful. Help us get through the day and ignore all of the enemy’s tricks. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.”

“Amen”, we all said in unison, lifting our heads and letting go of each other’s hands. I looked at Chris and smiled. He blushed then looked down at his food. I laughed and began to eat, so did everyone else.

Breakfast was silent but it was quickly interrupted by Junior. He slid his chair back loudly and got up from the table, “Aight, I’ll see ya’ll later, studio time.”

“I don’t even know why you wasting yo money”, Chris spat, lowly. Here we go.

Junior rolled his eyes, “Man whatever. You haven’t even heard me rap.”

“Yeah, thank heavens”, Chris responded saracastically.

Junior walked out the door, leaving the room full of tenstion. I glanced over at Chris, who was clenching his jaw, “Babe you need yo support our son, he really looks up to you. You’re going to push him away.” He didn’t respond, he just sat there with a blank stare. Me and Amauri got up from the table, leaving him there to think about what he just did.

It’s two teams in this house; me and Junior, Chris and Amauri. That’s not what a family is suppose to be like…

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