Pocky Game (Gon x Killua)

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It was another normal, boring day on Whale Island as Gon was bored to death in his room, sighing while laying on his bed with his hands behind his head, and only wearing a white tank top, knowing how hot it was outside. He had been waiting for his friend, Killua, to return back home, as he was told that he needed run some errands.

'Man, wonder what's taking him so long...'  he thought as he sat up on his bed.Gon then heard the front door open and close, and heard Mito-san welcoming someone. He grinned.

'He's back!'  Gon was relieved and stood from his bed, stretching. Then, his bedroom door opened, and there stood a boy with silver hair, with one of his hands still on the door knob, while the other hand was behind his back.

"Yo." said the silver-haired boy. Gon was about to welcome him back when he frowned.

"Geez, what took you so long, Killua? I thought you ran into trouble or something..." Gon said sarcastically, folding his arms and looking to the side.

Killua chuckled, "Chill, there's nothing to worry about. Like I said, I just needed run some errands, that's all!" he replied, "And by the way, you're a terrible actor."

Gon laughed nervously, scratching the back of his head. "Well, I can't say no to that!" he replied.

"Here." said Killua, as he handed a red box to his green-haired friend.

"Huh? What's this?" Gon asked, taking to box. "It's Pocky!" Killua exclaimed, showing him another red box.

"Oh! Like you mean those sticks that are dipped into chocolate?" said Gon.

"Yup! These were the last two that they sold at the market!" Killua replied, opening his box of pocky sticks and Gon did the same with his. They both took a bite from their sticks, chewing like wild animals.

"So good!" they both chorused and began eating more of the delicious treat.


The two friends had been chatting and eating their pocky sticks when they ran out of things to talk about and were in silence. Gon was sitting on the floor, hugging his knees to his chest, while Killua was sitting down with his legs crossed, holding his box with just one pocky stick still inside. Gon looked down at the last stick in the box which Killua was holding.

"Ne, aren't you gonna eat that last stick?" he pointed out to the box. Killua smirked.

"No, I wasn't. Well, at least not on my own..." Killua replied.

"Eh? What do you mean?" Gon wondered. Killua then turned to him.

"Gon, have you ever heard of... the Pocky Game?" he asked slyly.  Gon shook his head.

"Nope! But it sounds fun!" Gon exclaimed, as he changed his position, now sitting on his knees. Killua sneered, taking out the last pocky stick, holding it vertically.

"Well, let's just say that, two players are required," Killua went on, moving closer to the clueless Gon, "Then, each player has to take a bite on one end each."

"O-ok..." Gon said, nodding his head slowly.

"Once you've done that, they both have to bite off their end 'till it gets smaller..." Killua continued to acknowledge. Gon began to sweat drop.

"Eventually, the players' lips will... you know..." Killua said, bringing his face closer to his.

"S-so they have to... kiss?" Gon gulped and Killua gave him a devious smile.

"It doesn't sound fun now, does it?" Killua whispered in his ear.


"O-oy, Killua... y-you sure about this...?" the blushing Gon protested.

"O-of course I am! Besides... even if we decide not to do this, it would be too late!" Killua replied, also blushing, while pointing one end of the stick to his green-haired friend.

"B-but what if Mito-san catches us?" Gon asked nervously.

"She won't, Baka!" Killua replied, now putting the other end of the stick in his mouth. The two friends' faces were flushed. Killua gave both of them the signal to start. They both slowly started to chew their end towards each other, with each bite leaving their cheeks redder and redder. Their lips were now only a few centimeters away.

' This is it...'  Killua thought.

''I never thought that my first kiss would be with Killua...'' Gon had thought of as a neglect. They both shut their eyes closed and began to sweat drop crazily.

'Here it comes...'

'It's gonna happen any time soon! '

'I can't believe it's actually happening!'

'It's coming...It's happening right now... here it-'

Just then, the door began to slowly open.

'CRAP!'  They both chorused in their minds and they quickly  moved away from eachother, both still having a piece of the broken stick in their mouths. The door had opened fully and there stood, Mito-san, a woman with combed back, red hair, wearing a red dress and an apron on top.

"Boys, dinner's almost ready, so make sure you get cleaned up before heading down stairs!" she said.

"Hai, Mito-san!" Gon and Killua replied in a high-pitched voice, almost shrieking. She then closed the door and the two of them collapsed to the ground, panting heavily.

"Phew! We almost got caught!" Gon panted.

"Y-yeah..." Killua puffed.

"Let's never do anything intense like this again!" Gon said, wiping the sweat off his forehead.

"I-I agree..." Killua replied.



Wow! It's  like 4am now! I should be heading to bed now! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this scenario between Gon and Killua playing the Pocky Game. (They almost kissed lol)

Well, gotta go now! Bye-ie! >.<

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