Sex With A Werewolf Chapter 1 (Short Short Short Story)

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Sex with a Werewolf! (Short Short Short Story) 

Chapter one 


Jenny's POV

About to head back from my nighty jog! Every night I jog Through my whole yard, My mom basicly owns a forest ! She bought it with the money from my dads death.

I looked around Thinking 'damn!, I'm so lucky to have sucha big beautiful place to jog and the best part is no one sees me all sweaty and nasty! Well the Animals do but thats okay because I can't flirt with Animals'

I Looked around the forest looking for the owl or bird making th trees move, I spotted nothing really!

I look closer to see someone staring at me, I couldn't believe it! It looked like some very hot guys were watching my every move waiting for something! How the hell can someone but out here its a owned area.

I looked down knowing I'm all sweaty and gross looking!. I slowly looked back at the Group of guys, Wondering what there doing in my Yard!.

"You wanna do a fivesome?, Well it you don't it doesn't matter!" One of the four guys said smirking at me, and thats when I Noticed all the guys are naked! Not that I've never seen a pen!s but Wow.

I turned on my heels and started walking the other way. My mind was racing: How the hell did those guys get in here?

"Where you going Sexy" One of them yelled. Okay I'm offically Freaking the fuck out! I looked behind me to see one walking to catch up to me.

"Look just go away" I lightly yelled at the guy that was walking behind me. I hear some chuckles! Thank the lord, I didn't hear the brunches stop moving. For a moment I thought, I was going to get raped

"Nope" One yelled, and paused and then contuined shortly after he paused "Your going to show us a good time" I hear them chuckle, Oh fuck, I really don't want to have sex with four guys! not that there not hot but four really? I mean two maybe but four?!

I start running for my house! my step dad has a shoot gun, So if i get there I'll be fine. I hear yelling and heavy breathing!, Shit I jumped in some bushes near me;

I stop breathing when it seems like there all in front of the bush my hiding in. they talk for a while and then go to look for me To the right

After the foot steps seem to disappear, I pop my head up. I looked around just making sure nobody's around I slowly get out of the bushes I was in.

I start to walk to my house, looking around for thoses fuckers, I look to the left to see someone staring at me!

To be continued!