Chapter 44

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(Tion POV)

Did You Know Its Hard To Be Invisible When You Walking Around With A Big Old Belly. I'm Due In A Week And Because Of That Fact I'm To Be On Bed Rest Until Then To Prevent Going Into Labor Early.

But I Don't Listen. Everybody Knows That And That's Why I'm Here In This Hospital Because I Had To See Tay... You Know Talk To Her.

I Managed To Quietly Slip Pass Some Nurses I Know And Finally Making It To Tays Room Unnoticed.

"Hey Tay" I Said As I Struggled To Sit.

"Mmmm... Well I'm Close To Blowing Up You Know"

"The Miss Will Be Here Soon... And Because Of Her I've Been Ordered To Stay In Bed... But I Can't Do That. I Had To Come And See You Tay"

For About 5 Minutes I Just Stared At Her Before Talking to Her Again.

"I Wish You Were Awake. I Miss You Tay And I Really Want You Beside My Bed"

"I Thought Of Some Names For The Baby.. Some Acceptable Names"

"If Its A Girl I'm Going To Name Her Tiara After Her Big Sister... And If Its A Boy I Was Thinking Of Naming Him After My Dad.. Kaamar"

"Wish You Were Here So You Can Tell Me What You Think? But In Overall I Know You'll Like It"

"She Would... But What She Wouldnt Like Is What Your Doing To Yourself Tion" Teddy Said From Behind Me.

"Who Told You I Was Here?" I Asked Him.

"Nobody" He Said But I Knew He Was Lying. "I Just Knew" He Said As He Made His Way Over And Stood Across Me On The Other Side Of Tays Bed.

"You Know Your A Bad Lier Babe" I Said. "I Know Chloe Saw Me And She Knew She Wasn't Going To Able To Make Me Leave So She Called You Or Probably Texted You..." I Told Him As I Continued Looking Down At Tay

"I Guess You Know Me To Well" He Told Me.

"Too Well" I Said. "Well Enough To Know You'll Keep Me Locked Up So I Won't Go Out" I Told Him.

"Now I Wouldn't Go That Far" He Said Causing Me To Look Up At Him Just For A Quick Mhmm  Face Expression. "Maybe Just Tie You Up To The Bed" He Joked.

"Funny" I Said As I Looked Back Down At Tay. "Anyways I Needed To See Her" I Told Him.

I Felt His Stare. If Burning A Hole In Someone Was Literal, I Must Say He Was Burning A Hole In Me.

"What You Need Is To Stay In Bed T" He Told Me.

"No I Don't" I Said.

"Tion Why You So Stubborn?" He Asked Me.

"Cause I'm Tayvion Williams And This Is How I Was Programmed" I Said.

"I'll Give You 5 More Minutes No More.. No Less Then Were Leaving" He Said As He Left The Room.

As Soon As The Room Was Clear Of Teddy I Went Back To Talking To Tay.

"Teddy Misses You To You Know. He Doesn't Say It But He Does. He Just Doesn't Like Seeing You Like This"


"Ima Have To Watch You Personally" Teddy Said As We Entered Our Home.

"No Problem Dad" I Sarcastically Said As I Steadily Made My Way To The Couch.

"I Know Dad... Geesh Why Don't You Ground Me Already?" I Joked As I Placed My Feet Up. Despite The Fact I Had Flip Flops On.

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