Chapter 5 Prom Night~

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You brother Tino was in high school and it was one week away from his prom night. He had a girlfriend name (bitch name). She was really mean to you. Always slapping your head , stomping your feet and pulling your hair. You didn't know why she did that...but everytime she would get away with it! Tino never saw her do any thing. 'Dumb clueless brother' you thought in your head throwing the pushie doll of him at the wall. You just turned 11. And already things was sucking. You wanted Tino to be happy but it was so hard to like someone you hate.

Tino Point of View

I am so happy to be with (bitch name). She nice to me and my family. "Tino remember to pick me up at 8 when prom comes" she said with her attitude voice again "okay I will" I always agree with what she tells me. "Is the brat here today?" She says with a angry look "who are you talking about?" I asked her sweetly "you know the girl that hangs with you and your brothers..." I didn't understand what she was talking about so I gave her a shrug look. She looked really upset "the one with (e/c) and the (l/h)(c/h)" I knew what she was talking about know "oh that's my sister __ " I tell her "she looks nothin like you guys" she said walking into the living room "she ugly.....with her (c/e) of hers...." Lukas , Emil , Mathias and Berwald was in the room to as she continued "she stupid....selfish....and she just adopted into your family anyways" I slammed the table next to me. "Tino baby what's wrong?" She asked. I mumbled "get out" she clearly didn't hear me. "What?" She said confused. I shouted at her "GET OUT!" she started to cry and ran out. Mathias patted my back "It's okay bro".

Your Point of View

I heard someone shout "GET OUT!" It was brother Tino! I came out of my room and looked down at the living room. (Bitch name) started to cry and ran out of our house. Mathias went to big brother and patted his back. I was worried so I went downstairs to hug him. He got shocked but then hugged me back. "You okay big brother?" I said "yeah...but looks like I have no prom date to go with me" Tino said sadly "I can go with you!" I said with a smile "I don't look like you so no-one will know I'm your sister!" Tino looked at me happily and said "I don't need prom when I have a good family like you" he hug me. Everyone joined in but it was ruined by Mathias being dumb "let's have beer to celebrate" he said then big brother Lukas grab his tie and choke him. Everyone laughed. 'I wish I could do something for big brother' you thought.

It was the night of prom. Tino was in the living watching tv when Mathias turned in off and said "dude get up because your going to prom" Tino looked confused "(bitch name)?" He asked "nope __!" He yelled. You came downstairs but you looked different! You looked 18 years old thanks to Lukas magic. "Hi big brother" you smiled making Tino blush "hi __" he said still shocked. Mathias yelled at Tino "stop blushing like an idiot and get dress!" Tino was pushed into his room. He got dress and Emil took pictures of the two of you. Emil was also blushing how beautiful you was. Berwald and Lukas had poker faces but little pink on their cheeks. You went to prom with Tino. (Bitch name) had the ugliest guy ever and didn't know it was you. Tino friends also blushed at you. You smiled and laughed all night. You fell asleep on Tino. Tino blushed at you but you was getting shorter "back to normal huh?" Tino sounded disappointed. He also fell asleep on you. Berwald took you both home and put you guys in your rooms.

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