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My dad was a huge slut. I mean, so was my mom but she had a good cause. Money. Ok,so I guess that that's sort of prostitution but it's really crazy,  like, eight shades of complicated. Anyway back to the topic, my father.

He is a god : one of several deities, presiding over some portion of worldly affairs. He was one of the big three in Greek mythology.

He was once called Poseidon by everyone. Now dad thinks it's a stupid name, since it's 2016, so he has the whole family call him Peter. Back to the story, picture a 17th century Greece, residing by the shore. My dad met my mom who, back then, was a sex slave for a very powerful human.

She was in his debt and he had a use for her in the slave trade. She was a shapeshifter of sorts and could make people see her differently. So of course she fetched a high price and was highly pursued by wealthy buyers. My mother, Amphitrite, after two and a half years, was one buyer away from freedom.

Enter stage left : Poseidon, a very lonely god disguised as a mortal. He saw Amphitrite and to this day swears it was love at first sight. He was so smitten with her that he paid her debt, fucked her, and married her all in the same day. Not necessarily in that order. Now, my mother was no fool, she often heard of the gods and their fickle desires. So she did what a lot of gold diggers do, she got pregnant.

Now my mom couldn't just make herself appear as whoever her partner desired, she can see into the deepest parts of the mind,  that hold our selfish desires. So whenever Poseidon's desires changed so did my mom.
Now I know she sounds really pathetic but she thought she loved him.

One night when Poseidon thought his wife was sleeping in his bed with his bun in her oven, he decided to act out his desires. The irony was that not only did he fuck Amphitrite in disguise but he asked her to marry him and kill his current wife. My mom who was disguised as a nymph declined very heavily and ran off. To his bed chambers! Now that she knew that her dear husband wanted her dead, nothing changed.

She continued to be the perfect wife for the next seven months. Then out came me on June 12 16.. I don't remember the exact year oh well. Over that period of seven months my mother came to hate Poseidon and slowly grew more detached. It wasn't until I was four years old did she leave him. With me, might I add. I remember living on Mount Olympus quite clearly with all my uncles, cousins, siblings,
uncle-cousins and etcetera.

My dad, Peter, as I now call him, was really fucking cool to me honestly. He taught me how to bring in the tide and to even make it rain. But my mom had my mind stimulated with dreams of the earth and people below. So naturally at four years old I wanted to see the great big world out there.

Sneaking out of olympus was easy because my mom had been planning it for 4 fucking years. Living on earth with no family looking out for you and no maids or servants was hard, but I loved it.

My mom and I traveled everywhere as we both grew older. I stopped aging at 25 and she died when she hit 134. It was hard but I made it through. I lived on earth till about the 1770's before I went back to Olympus to tell everyone.

Her death was well accepted to say the least and I was pissed about that. So I had one of those heartfelt talks that kids usually have with their parents and sorted out the whole ordeal. I was still angry as hell though so I told Dad that since I'm older than some of his hookers that I was going to live on Earth but I still met up with him to maintain a healthy relationship and balance between family and life or some other bullshit Psyche told him. So every week, twice a week, I would go to an ocean of my choice and learn to control my powers.

His lessons sucked mad. Let me just say, Ms.Trunchbull was easier to be around than him in teacher mode. Naturally once my powers grew he let up a little. Then a little bit more. Then a lot more. And now I only see him three times a year. Of course its 2016 now and not 1776, but we deal.

Since you've got the synopsis of my conception, this is where I will start the story of how I met three of my destined soulmates, one year ago today.


Ok so the prologue is set on a different tone than the rest of the story. But I hope you enjoy.

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