Chapter 4~One Week Down

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Sarah's POV
It's been a long week of unpacking and moving furniture around and it's Toni's first day of school tomorrow. He looks kinda nervous and I've never seen him like that. I don't blame him it's a new country with weird ass accents that you can't understand but they can understand each other's? I gotta start up another year online because it's the almost end of summer. Sophomore year doesn't seem bad academic wise for me. Well, I am very intelligent so that explains why Toni doesn't have any common sense, I took all of it. As I finish decorating my room it was time for dinner but I wasn't really hungry, that peanut butter toast with oh maybe, 500 gallons of coffee I had through out the day and I'm still tired. I would nap like I usually do but I don't want to have the same dream over and over, is it always going to be like this?

Toni's POV
We got all the new furniture in and done with unpacking, well mostly we don't know what to do with the old furniture in the basement but other than that it's pretty clean. I was organizing where my things were to go like in my chest in front of my bed but mom yelled supper was ready so I had to go down. "Where's Sarah?" asked mom "she drank too much coffee today she doesn't feel like eating". I sat down and mom actually cooked something today, we've been having take out since we started packing back home. Mom grabbed my plate then served me while Sarah just came down to sit in her oversized sweatshirt,sweatpants and a messy bun looking like a zombie "great effort" "don't push it" she said as she put her head down on the table. "So Toni you start school tomorrow!" Said mom over dramatically "it's not a big deal mom it's his first year of middle school" said Sarah "cut the attitude or I'm making you go to public school" said mom. "mom that's not even funny you know better and I'm acting like a parent more than you because your never home" said Sarah. "Watch it, let's just have a nice dinner" said dad. After I ate I went upstairs,washed up then I went into my bed, I have everything ready tomorrow so I don't have to get up earlier than I have to. Sarah walked in "I'm sorry I kinda blew up downstairs, I'm just tired and mad at mom and dad for only being here for special events like this for you. I was the one who took care of you most of my life but it's not that bad as I thought it would be" said Sarah. "So are you excited for tomorrow?" "Well it's a new country and you have these weird accents and I look like I'm the stupid one" "yeah you'll get it in no time, you'll be fine. I'll let you get as much sleep as you can" said Sarah "goodnight". She walked out while I fell asleep slowly, hoping I don't have that dream again.

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