Harry's POV

*1 week later*

Walking down the halls first thing in the morning is the worst part of the whole fucking day for two reasons. One, I have to have Christa on my arm instead of my girl, Spencer. And two, I have to pretend the stares that Spencer keeps getting doesn't bother me unless I want my cover blown with Christa. Spencer has been receiving a lot of attention from specifically the male gender lately and to say that it bothers me is an understatement. I can't tell whether their attention is a good or bad thing, nothing against my girl but she never was the popular type so I'm not sure why she's so popular with the males now.

We stop in front of Christa's locker as usual but Spencer isn't at her locker as she usually is before class gathering her desired supplies before heading off to first hour. Before I even have time to go through the possibilities of where she could be, I hear Christa's nagging voice beside me. Cringing, I decide to give her a few seconds of my attention so that she'll shut the hell up and maybe if I'm lucky she'll leave me alone. I'm very optimistic.

"You should kiss me so that everyone knows that we're together." Christa smirks, leaning into me and I can't deny her without having to have Spencer suffer so I lean in for a chaste kiss and pull away quickly, wiping my lips off afterwards. She seems to think that just because I'm her "boyfriend" during the seven disgusting hours of school that I need to fulfill her sexual and romantic desires outside of school. She's got another thing coming if she thinks that I'm actually going to do that for her.

"Attention, students, let's please welcome the softball girls into the building and pep them up for their first game tonight! Everyone with their school ID on them can get into the game for free, bring extra money for the concession stands. The game will take place at 5 p.m. tonight on our field! Good luck, girls!" Principal Kern yells over the speakers, before the click of the microphone sounds signaling that he is done with his mini pep talk.

Everyone starts yelling as the softball girls walk past, pepping them up for their game tonight. My eyes widen in shock at their attire, instead of wearing their uniforms they're in their jerseys and shorts, the soccer team never got this privilege, nor do I approve of Spencer wearing this little of clothing.

Speaking of Spencer, she strolls to her locker with Ema wearing her red and black jersey with a number 15 on the back and the school's logo on the front. She's wearing her black Nike Pros and I curse under my breath as my eyes trail to her ass. Biting my lip, my eyes wander down her legs and she's wearing another pair of black Nike Crew socks and her same pair of Nike free runs, probably changing into her cleats later.

My gaze takes up her body once more and I'm startled as we make eye contact, she smirks knowingly letting me know that she caught me. Ema sees this and starts laughing, nudging Spencer in her side and Spencer starts laughing along with Ema.

My happiness of looking at my girl is short lived as I see that little freshman, who I've learned is Dylan, stop next to Spencer's locker. He leans against it trying so hard to act casual as he clears his throat to get her attention. That try hard prick.

He starts talking to her and eventually at the end of their little conversation, looks her up and down before winking at her. I clear my throat and clench my fists, digging my nails into my palm as I try to calm myself. Who the fuck does he think he is?

Spencer, being the naive girl she is, smiles at him oblivious to this horny little freshmans intentions as she turns back to Ema, seemingly forgetting the whole conversation even happened. I scoff at her calmness to the situation, does she not see that he wants her? Does she not see that he looked at her as if she was a piece of meat? Obviously not.

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