Chapter 3~Changes

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Sarah's POV
I woke up feeling groggy and tired like I always do. "Man I had a weird dream last night" as I thought while rubbing my eyes and itching around my bun. Toni is still sleeping which I was surprised. "Holy shit it's 7am dammit" I hate waking up earlier than I have to like, I could be sleeping now but I wouldn't want to have that creepy dream either. I got up from the devil couch, stretch my arms out and bend my back. I walk into the kitchen and realize the coffee counter is set up so I made myself a hazelnut cream coffee then there was nothing but bread,peanut butter and a toaster on the island. Toni will be upset he's not getting any sugar this morning. I walked to the table, set my coffee and plate down, put my head down and let out a big sigh. Toni started screaming when he woke up, that was my alarm for almost falling asleep on the table. I ran towards him " Toni whats wrong? Are you okay?!" He started to tear up " I had I bad dream" said Toni " you weren't the only one, lets calm down and I'll make you some breakfast okay?" He nodded and we sat there for a few minutes while I was rubbing his back and telling him to take deep breaths. It sucks having a panic attack trust me, I have one at least once a day.

Toni's POV
I woke up scared to death from my dream I started screaming. I saw Sarah looking worried for me, I told her it was my dream and she gave me strategies to calm down and she offered to make me breakfast which was nice. "Are you okay with peanut butter with toast and orange juice because that's all we have for you and your not old enough for coffee" said Sarah "okay it's better then nothing". We both are at the table eating and the parents are shopping for furniture so me and Sarah are unpacking the rest of the things and making it look good.

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