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Angelina dragged you all over NYC. Well not literally but that's what it felt like. You were feeling really picky. You didn't like any of the dresses you've seen so far and you think the main cause is; is because of Raph. He's never risen a hand at you ever. And you just feel like shit right now. You kept a happy face up for your friend though. "Alright -angelina sighs- what about this dress? Its red. I know you like red. come on." "eehhh but its soo..poofy." 'Ugh! Its too poofy, To shiny, its so gaudy, its to this its to that. Y/N.. seriously whats wrong. Your never this picky." You looked at the dress then you said "You know what its fine; lets get that one. i changed my mind." When you reached for the hanger out of her hand she jerked it away from your reach. "Y/n..tell me." "well i prefer not to talk about it." "y/n you always tell me everything. Why can't you tell me this?" "...." She waited for you to answer her. She wasn't be condescending, mean, or outrageous. She was genuinely concerned for you. "raph did something didn't he?" You looked up at her. "I knew it." You opened your mouth to say something but you didn't know what. "I- how-" you stuttered. "Well i've never seen a three pronged rock ever. And your acting exactly like when your dad first hit you, plus Raph's been following us all day. Its kinda creepy; its like your dating a stalker." You smiled at her. "Seems money also made you more mature." "you saying i wasn't mature before?" You laughed at her as you shook your head "Noo-ho-ho you were not." "well geez." You smiled as you looked around the store. "So did you want this dress or no?" "I dunno..Seems too..small." You picked at it again. "alright alright lets just go somewhere i guess." you and her left the store as Raph followed you guys once again. You were getting kinda irritated with him following you everywhere. You took your slick phone out of your shorts back pocket and went through your contacts for Raphael. You touched your screen to 'call' him. You stopped as you gently put your hand on Angelina's shoulder to signal her to stop walking. The phone was ringing. Your heart beat deepened with each ring. The ringing stopped so you looked up to the roof top to see Raphael sitting on the ledge with his hand against his face. You assumed that must've been his phone. It was silent and very awkward. "Raph?"..... "Y/n." he answered back after another 5 loonnggg seconds of silence you asked "Why are you following me?" "...." "Raph?" "What happened earlier, that wasn't me. I'm not sure what happened to me. But i was afraid you would leave me; soo.." He didn't finish his sentence. "so you followed me to make sure I would'n't." "..yea" "You know i love you right?" You could hear his breath through the phone exhale. "I still don't know how you put up with me. I'm such an asshole sometimes." "Yea you can be. But those asshole moments don't make you who you are. I know the real you. The one No one else knows about." He was silent; you guessed he didn't know what to say. "Raph?" "yea" "I love you so very much. And i promise you; I don't want you to change. for anyone." He jumped down onto a fire escape; which was only halfway down to the ground. He grabbed onto the iron bar railing and swung himself up into the air while it other hand was preoccupied with holding phone to his face. He let go; as his feet touched the ground it sounded like a boom. You smiled as you saw him walk towards you from the alley. He walked out into the crowd of people as they avoided him and other people made a big circle around you and your lover Raphael. You could hear their words, their murmurs, and phones recording as well as taking pictures. He stood towering over you With his phone still to his face he said "I love you too, mona lisa." He then took his phone away from his face and clicked the *end call*. You smiled big as you saw your man in public saying that in front of everyone. His eyes only focused on you; no one else. He put his hands on your face and kissed your soft lips. He let go "I'm sorry y/n, i would never ever try to hurt you on purpose. That really wasn't me. I was horrified when i saw what i did to you. Your important to me." You reached up on your tippy toes of your Addidas and kissed his chin. That's as far as you could reach XD "Raphael. would you do me the honor of going to the dance with me." you asked formally. "hmm idk..your kinda short." he teased. "Come on, help me pick out a dress." As you two walked down the street and people staring at Raph; Raphael picked you up by your hips and placed you on his neck. You laughed from his fingers touching certain nerves to make you laugh. You hugged his head as he walked behind Angelina holding your legs in his grasp. You kissed the top of his head then laid your right cheek ontop of his head. You closed your eyes and enjoyed the ride. "Alright, one of the few places we have left to look at." you looked up at the sign "Forever 21." She continued talking. "ooooo" you ooed at the stores polished windows; big lit-up sign and the outfits picked out professionally on each of the pail manikin. Your eyes liked this store very much. You patted raph's head over and over "lets go lets go." He put his one hand on both of your hands that were tapping his head. "Please stop." You wrapped your arms around his neck gently and put your chin on his head. You two along with Angelina walked into the store filled with girly clothes and a few men's. You leaned your head down a bit to talk to Raphael. "I wanna get down." He picked you up off his shoulders/neck and placed you on the ground. You walked over to the circular dress rack and browsed the merchandise. You then saw this beautiful dress O.O

"Oh my god Raph! Look at this!" You held it up to yourself as the hanger hook hung over your shoulder and you used your fingers to pull it around your waist to show how well it would fit

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"Oh my god Raph! Look at this!" You held it up to yourself as the hanger hook hung over your shoulder and you used your fingers to pull it around your waist to show how well it would fit. "I have to try this on." You looked around as you saw an employee. You tapped on the man's shoulder "excuse me but i was wondering if i could have a dressing room." The blonde haired man looked over his shoulder then turned his body to face you. "well well, Y/n..been awhile hasn't it." your eyes widened and your heart sped for 5 seconds then relaxed. "Jake.." you simply said. "Have you come back to take my offer to be my girlfriend again." Raph's ears heard that so he stood up from his chair behind a column and walked over to where you were. He had to make it clear to jake that you were his woman. "Is there a problem babe?" raphael asked as he stood behind you. Jake's eyes looked from Raph's calfs, to his muscular biceps and to his face. Raph's eye brows rose through his mask as turned his head just a little.

"No, no problems here

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"No, no problems here." Jake answered. "uh you wanted a room right?" "yes." you answered with a closed lip smile :) As Jake walked you to the dressing rooms he asked "How long you two been dating?" "So far, its been a year and 5 months." "Soo he was the one that answered the phone when i tried to call you?" "probably." "well here you go. and here's your number." "mk thank you." You closed the door as Raph was leaning against a cubed column 4 ft wide each way. raph watched jake walk past himself without moving his head. Only his eyes followed him as he then stopped in his steps beside raphael. "your lucky, I had her once. I'm sure you knew that already. But she's really something special. whatever you do. Don't loose her." Raph rose a brow "Why are you telling me this? I figured you'd try and get her back again." He chuckled at His own self pathetically "no my time with her is over. I'll never get her back. But you have her; literally. Don't loose her like i did." Jake left with that. Raph was about to say something but he heard the door click open to see you in that dress with bare-feet. You looked stunning, and adorable at the same time. "woah.." is all he said. You blushed with a giggle. "So..what do you think." you walked out more towards him as you stopped on the carpeting and twirled slowly in it. "You look..perfect." He stood up from his leaning position and kissed your fore head. "I love you y/n." "dawe i love you too." "You really are beautiful though." "stawp it. Your sweetness is gonna give me a cavity." He smiled as he let back away and let you back into the dressing room. He watched the floor opening to see the dress drop to your feet, and you picking it up; then putting your shorts on. And then your shoes. You walked out of the dressing room with the dress on the hanger. Then it was an hour of finding the 'perfect shoes' as you put it. Then it was paying for everything. Angelina just bought a necklace she found with an A on a gold plated circle. So simple yet pretty enough to wear.

To be continued..

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