a secret romance and more nightmares

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And more running....

I'm on a path that never ends this is the 27th time I'm being chased why what happened to my happiness was that another dream.

I don't like being chased I don't wanna be chased anymore this is scary.

My feet hurt...

I'm tired...

I'm hungery...

Why am I hear I'm alone again but something seems different though like.....


W-what I I can't breath someone help me...

Wait what's that's a light...

Am I going to heaven....




Waking up naruto head but some lone as they both held the heads in pain "oww" naruto wimpered "hey...dobe are....you ok" sasuke says as he was holding his head and looked at naruto who seemed confused at first "w-were am I" naruto asked confused.

"Sadly still in the forest but though are you ok.....you were breathing kinda heavily in your sleep" sasuke says as naruto looked at sasuke for a moment before hugging the uchiha.

"Hey" sasuke says ashe was hugged tightly but a he then hugged back "were is my brother...saaukie.....gaara....killer bee" naruto asked "there fine there sleeping soundly don't worry about it" sasuke says as he kissed naruto deeply before pulling away "don't worry naruto everything is gonna be OK" sasuke explains before kissing naruto forehead, as the blond fox blushed before smiling "ok sasuke" naruto says as he wagged his tails before snuggled up to sasuke and falls asleep.

Sasuke sighed as he looked up to the sky 'I hope my naruto will be ok......actually I'll make sure of that' sasuke though before falling asleep himself.

The next day

Sasuke being the first to wake up he noticed that naruto was still in his arms as he let's go just to stretch out as naruto woke up as his head was on sasuke's chest.

The Fox Didn't Mind At All As He listened To sasuke heart beat as he wagged his 9 tails happily "morning naru" sasuke says as he looked down at the blond who just blushed "morning sasuke" naruto says as he gets up and looked at the male in front of you "hey naruto how about this once we leave the forest we can go on a date" sasuke says quietly as naruto wagged his tails happily "really" he, asks happily as the uchiha nodded "ya sure" sasuke says as naruto squeaked happily.

"Calm down dobe" sasuke teased as naruto giggles as he smiled at sasuke happily and hugged him.

After a while the others woke up "morning" menma says as he got up and stretched "morning menma" naruto says as he looked at his sleepy twin brother while sasukie was out to check something out with sasuke while gaara went to get food while killer bee got water.

"Hey Naruto what happened to you last night you wouldn't wake up and you also seemed.......like you were panicking" menma asked as he sat beside his brother who looked down "no it fine menma really everything is fine nothing to worry about" Naruto lied as he smiled softly before looking to the sky.

"Hey were back everything seems safe and.......hey what's wrong" sasukie asked as he looked at Naruto and menma.

"Naruto is hiding something frome and I deserve to know" menma says pouting "and I deserve to know what you two were doing alone breaking rules" sasuke says as menma blushed brightly before looking away to hide his embarrassment "uh....." menma says while sasuke blushed deeply and looked to the ground.

"Nothing we did absolutely nothing while alone just enjoy the quiet ness" sasukie lied.

Sasuke looked at his twin "tell me" sasuke says glaring at his brother who wouldn't make eye contact "you lied to me you and menma did it" sasuke says as he saw his brother look away "yup you did" sasuke says as he sat beside Naruto while menma just blushed madly as he wasn't happily at all.

"I hate you both" menma says blushing before stopping away as sasuki ran after his boyfriend leaving the two alone.

Naruto sighed as he leaned back against the tree "I wanna go home" he says while frowning "you not the only one who want to go home" sasuke says looking at Naruto "really" the blond asked as the Raven nodded "yup" he says.

After a while gaara came back with nuts and berries on an over sized leaf.

Killer bee came back with water though he had to get more for the others.

After a while longer they were all eating though Naruto and sasuke's brothers were separate from them but no one even bothered asking what was going on gaara had his own drink same with bee while sasuke and Naruto shared a drink same with menma and sasukie to.

After a while sasuke and Naruto were at a field far from everyone far away from the others as they had a short make out section alone as they finally pulled away "were keeping this a secret only between us ok" sasuke says as Naruto nodded "ok sasuke" Naruto says as sasuke kissed him.

"I love you" Naruto says as he laid his head on sasuke shoulder as he felt sasuke run his fingers threw his hair causing the blond fox to purr happily and wag his nine tails.

Sasuke looking up to the blue sky as Naruto sleepy soundly.

But soon there peaceful time was enterupted as Naruto was have an anssiety attack while sleeping.

"Hey naru......NARU wake up naru" sasuke says trying not to panic as he hugged Naruto close to tried to calm the fox down which slowly started to work as Naruto woke up breathing heavily as he hugged sasuke while taking deep breaths "there there Naruto I'm here for you ok" sasuke says kissing Naruto's forehead and rubbing the blonds back softly in a circle motion calming the kitsune.

They had a silent moment as they decided to just take a nice walk before heading back.


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