Chapter 1~A New Beginning

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Sarah's POV
why did we move here again? As I said in my groany teenage voice "To have experiences and your dad got a fantastic job out of it" said mom. I mean, it could be worse If I had a choice between having to go out and be social or being forced to unpack boxes, I'd pick unpacking. "I'LL GET THE FIREPLACE ROOM" shouted Toni. It annoys me on how it's the first 3 minutes and he's excited but he is a kid.. I got the room with the huge balcony and closet. I didn't have many boxes as much as Toni or my parents which was very surprising to me since I'm the "drama queen" of the house says my mom. I got a chair and a table on my balcony for my studying and schooling. I'm thankful mom isn't letting me go to public school here since what happen in the U.S... Anyways Toni keeps jumping everywhere - literally he's been going up the stairs every 30 seconds. That kid better have control over his kangaroo body or I'm not helping him unpack.

Toni's POV
Sarah looks sluggish as always I mean come on, WE MOVED TO SCOTTLAND! I ran right upstairs to pick my room first because I didn't want her to get the best because she's the oldest. I went in a room with a huge cool fireplace and a small balcony-castle thing and I called it mine. Sarah came in and looked disgusted at the room " I gotta have my man cave" "Well you're a boy so I'll let you have your boy castle fantasy" said Sarah then she walked out. I'm not going to let her stupid emo attitude get in the way, it's a new start and i'm ready for the challenge, I asked her if she could help me unpack since I have more boxes than her "well I have a room too ya know, after I take care of Myself I'll help you" I walked out and got excited, she never does anything with me. So I ran up and down the stairs to get my boxes, the beds aren't coming til tomorrow but at least we have couches downstairs

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